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Karl Amoussou signs with DREAM FC

Tha Prodigy2010-05-30 22:22:18 +0000 #1

French fighter Karl Amoussou has signed a four fight deal to fight for the Japanese organization DREAM.

Details about the fighter’s debut are unknown at this point, however sources close to the fighter indicated that an announcement about an upcoming fight should be coming very soon.

Amoussou, who is looked upon as one of Europe’s biggest prospects, recently signed an exclusive management contract with M-1Global, joining Strikeforce light heavyweight champion Gegard Mousasi, and Fedor Emelianenko, the man widely recognized as the top heavyweight in the world.

Amoussou brings an 11 – 2 – 1 professional record to DREAM. Although known mostly for his fierce striking, 7 of thePsycho’s 11 victories have come via submission.
JKhrome12010-05-30 22:34:52 +0000 #2
so he's not fighting for M-1 anymore ?? or will he be able to fight for both org's ? either way that a good sign for Dream !!! He never really faced any good competition with M-1, well unless you count Dolce, Gambaryan, and Linhares top competition haha

He's still very young at 24 i think, i can't wait to see him fight better competition in the near future........
DaCow2010-05-30 22:32:18 +0000 #3
i thought he signed with Strikeforce.... i know the two companies merged and share fighters, but they just came out with the announcement he signed with Strikeforce like 2 months ago. Odd....
MMAlaskan2010-05-30 23:18:23 +0000 #4
I hadn't heard of him, so I looked him up.

Highlight for those that didn't know him, either.
Crow_Time2010-05-30 23:48:38 +0000 #5
He needs to fight Manhoef asap.
HISTORY2010-05-31 00:38:21 +0000 #6
He's okay standing up, but he was exposed on the ground in one fight I saw against Lucio Linhares (fighting Palhares at UFC 107).

Tough to call how he'll do in DREAM. 185 has some decent guys, I suspect Filho could take him (since he juices in DREAM).



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