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k-1 buys cage rage adamgt-X2010-05-15 13:41 now why they
The return of Ernesto Hoost!! nitz21302010-05-15 15:58
I don't know if he is back yet but i heard the big man is coming back to K-1. Now i saw him fight a
brief history of k-1 adamgt-X2010-05-15 10:33
Around 1980, Kazuyoshi Ishii (the founder of k-1) made the first Seidokan Karate school in Osaka lat
current k-1 rankings and events adamgt-X2010-05-15 11:22
k-1 world grand prix 1. Semmy Schilt 2. Peter Aerts 3. Jerome LeBanner 4. Remy Bo
Rules And Regulations Of K-1 Kickboxing/Hero's adamgt-X2010-05-15 09:17
Rules of K-1, Article 1 The match shall be held in a 7.2 m X 7.2 m boxing ring surrounded
Event k-1 world max 2007 adamgt-X2010-05-15 14:16 Am
k-1 weight classes adamgt-X2010-05-15 11:26
Tanigawa EP had announced that FEG would creat new weight classes. Light(-60kg )and Light heav
Is Genki Sudo A Ninja Warrior? GST2010-05-15 12:57
Brock Lesnar To Debut HISTORY2010-05-15 11:14
Brock Lesnar WWE star and former WWE champion regarded as a beast will make his debut at K-1 Heros/E
Masato, Souwer, Buakaw Victorious at K-1 MAX adamgt-X2010-05-15 12:02
k-1 max april 4th is over your winners
gracie-hughes 2 @ hero's? adamgt-X2010-05-15 12:34 doubt
who will win the world hawain gp? adamgt-X2010-05-15 11:59
I say Mighty Mo, I just dont think th line up is too great you?
Gracie -vs- Saku in LA @ Heros Kerrdogg2010-05-15 09:24
Looks like this fight may happen. Not too sure of the details, but I am slightly interested I guess.
K-1's Tanikawa On Move To U.s. GST2010-05-15 11:57
Royce Gracie To Fight Sakuraba on June 2nd? Kerrdogg2010-05-15 11:36
Ya, we discussed this a little bit, and no one seemed very excited. These guys were great, and I lov
K-1 World GP In Hawaii Official Discussion HISTORY2010-05-15 09:40 When: April 28' 2007 at 5 P.M. Pacific Whe
Johnnie Morton To Take Part In EliteXC/K-1 Supershow? HISTORY2010-05-15 10:32
Damn K-1 is going to send Zuffa a message on this show...
K-1'S DYNAMITE GST2010-05-15 08:57
K-1'S DYNAMITE!! USA TICKETS FINALLY ON SALE Saturday, May 05, 2007 - by http://
Sakuraba .vs. Gracie 2 Confirmed HISTORY2010-05-15 09:09
Its all over the internet on various sites such as MMAweekly. Royce Gracie .vs. Kazushi Sakuraba 2 i
Bob Sapp Is Awesome adamgt-X2010-05-15 09:30
Imo he only is able to hang with these guys because of his massive size and amazing strenth(sp), If
K-1 "Dynamite" In Trouble American Psycho2010-05-15 10:27
By Loretta Hunt Filling a 90,000-seat arena might be the least of K-1’s problems - June 2’s “Dy
Rumor Josh Barnett vs. Sergei Kharitonov @ hero's adamgt-X2010-05-15 10:05 This is a rumor, and from my sources thier has been a fe
Brock Lesnar Replacement Opponent Announced HISTORY2010-05-15 08:28
After Hong-Man Choi was denied fighting in the U.S.A. against Lesnar for mysterious reasons there ha
Hong-Man Choi Can't Fight At Dynamite U.S.A.! adamgt-X2010-05-15 09:27
K-1 Signs Marcelo Garcia! HISTORY2010-05-15 08:59
K-1 Dynamite Is Still On HISTORY2010-05-15 08:23
Source: As reports surfaced earlier today that the planned K-1/EliteXC event, Dyn
K-1 Heros/EliteXC Discussion- 6/2/07 HISTORY2010-05-15 08:39 When: June 2' 2007 at 2:00 P.M. Paci
Johnnie Morton Tests Positive For Steroids HISTORY2010-05-15 08:25
Quote: Former NFL football player Johnnie Morton (Pictures) has tested positive
K-1 Torrents or Videos HISTORY2010-05-15 08:16
Same I can't find any K-1 its always that stupid game or just one fight I want the whole GP PPV. I w
Royce Gracie Tests Positive! HISTORY2010-05-15 14:59
Source: Haha what a loser.
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