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Henry as captain

theman2010-04-28 19:39:30 +0000 #1
What are your views on Thierry as skipper?

He'll be a great inspiration to the players, but it could affect the way he plays.
Bigpapa422010-04-28 19:47:34 +0000 #2
I think it was a good choice. There are really only so many possibilities on the current squad. Sol wouldn't be bad, but if Wenger isn't going to pick him for every match...? Same with Bergy. I think Cole could be a good captain, but in time, not right after what happened this summer. That leaves Henry, Pires, Ljundberg, or Gilberto. Henry is a solid choice, and I think he'll do alright.
theman2010-04-28 20:23:36 +0000 #3
I do see what you mean, who else was there?

I also think it was a ploy to try and get him to stay.
Lance Knight2010-04-28 20:17:45 +0000 #4
well there really isnt anyone else, and well pires isnt as influenical, the dude, likes to just kick back and play the game
RaulMadrid72010-04-28 20:51:50 +0000 #5
Henry should be Captain other than him the only influencial person is Lehmann.



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