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tas_20052010-04-29 00:32:30 +0000 #1
www.*********.com: www.*********.com (FREE to join)

Hi there new to the forum,

And i would like to start by introducing myself and my on-line game,

Since 1994 i have had a passion about running Fantasy League's - and i set one up at school using pen and paper - My game was successful and i had loads of managers (even had a few mates who were FIFA and they made decisions etc!)

Well my game progressed just like modern day technology,

From using a dice and tatty bits of paper from my school books......... came computers........ the internet and well i just slowly learned and changed my game to suit......... so here i am.

www.*********.com: www.*********.com

Ok the game is very simple - choose a team to manage - from there you will be given the list of your players (plus fixtures money details etc)

And week by week your team will play other teams in the league, plus there are Cups......... play-off's and Champions Leaue and UEFA Cups.

You can contact other people to buy trade and sell players - plus the un-managed teams are availble to negotiate with..........

Can you take your fav. team all the way to the FA cup final? why not give it a try...........

www.*********.com: www.*********.com

Will3172010-04-29 00:38:01 +0000 #2
Sorry mate, no ads, especially not as you've spammed it all over the boards.



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