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FA will investigate Cech comments

lsgworldl2010-04-29 02:00:24 +0000 #1

Who cares what this guy said, every one should have the right to free speech, if he thinks the ref is a retard he should be able to say it, if he thinks the ref cheated he should be able to say that as well, not get fined or banned for it

The Football Association will investigate exactly what Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech said about referee Graham Poll this week.

Cech conceded a quickly-taken free-kick by Thierry Henry during Sunday's 2-2 draw against Arsenal.

It was reported that he told a Czech newspaper Poll had misled Chelsea players over the free-kick, adding that the official might be an Arsenal fan.

An FA spokesman told Radio Five Live it was "looking into the situation".

Cech was alleged to have said Poll promised Eidur Gudjohnsen he would blow the whistle before allowing Thierry Henry's free-kick.

Poll, however, denies that and says he had given Henry permission to take it without the whistle being blown.

Chelsea said Cech's quotes were "exaggerated and badly translated".

It is understood that in the original interview with a Czech newspaper, Cech never used the word "cheat", as has been claimed.

I think Cech is trying to shift the blame for his own mistake.

From Robert

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It is thought he did make reference to Poll possibly being an Arsenal fan, although this may have been in jest.

Even so, the FA might punish the goalkeeper if it can establish that he did say that.

"The FA can confirm that it is pursuing enquiries into media comments attributed to Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech about referee Graham Poll following his team's match at Arsenal on Sunday 12 December," said a statement on Tuesday.

Poll's decision caused massive furore but the referee insisted he had applied the laws of the game in allowing the kick to be taken.

He said: "The whistle doesn't need to be blown."

Cech's earlier comments, which Chelsea say were poorly attributed, were later corrected by the club.

They claim Cech had said: "We knew Henry would take the free-kick quickly, as he did against Panathinaikos.

"That is why our three players were by the ball before the free-kick, asking the referee if he was going to whistle.

"He said 'yes' and then he didn't. I am convinced we would have won if he had whistled, although we are happy with the draw and one point."

Gennadios2010-04-29 02:10:58 +0000 #2
This is horrible.

Pro soccer is horrible.

You can hardly celebrate, touch other players, or say shit.
porkster1042010-04-29 02:28:36 +0000 #3
Sad thing to have happened... Controversy and stuff!

But the goal was counted and it looks like Chelsea's gotta accept the fact...
lsgworldl2010-04-29 02:09:09 +0000 #4
Freedom of speech

need it in football



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