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Arsenal and Man Utd hold summit

lsgworldl2010-04-29 06:00:21 +0000 #1
Arsenal's David Dein has held a meeting with his Manchester United counterpart David Gill in an attempt to draw a line under the latest row between the sides.

The Gunners vice-chairman insisted that there was no lingering animosity after the stormy 2-0 defeat at Old Trafford.

"We get on famously as clubs. There is no problem there at all. Sometimes incidents happen which are regrettable but we move on," Dein told BBC Sport.

"It's friendly rivalry. They want to win as much as we want to beat them."

Dein, however, admitted that both clubs had a duty to ensure the simmering rivalry between the sides did not boil over again.

We set the highest standards and we expect everybody to do so

Arsenal's David Dein

United manager Sir Alex Ferguson is reported to have had food thrown at him by an Arsenal player after Sunday's game, with players allegedly squaring up to each other in the tunnel.

"It's been the centre of attention and it's a shame because it eclipsed what was an enthralling, tense game," Dein continued on BBC Radio Five Live.

"Games between Arsenal and Manchester United are always tense fixtures.

"I'd like to think both clubs know their responsibilities and the clubs are committed at board, manager and player level to ensuring the game is played in the best sporting spirit."

Dein added: "We set the highest standards and we expect everybody to do so."



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