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Players influence Halsey

lsgworldl2010-04-29 13:04:54 +0000 #1
Referee Mark Halsey revealed the reaction of the players caused him to overturn a penalty decision he had awarded for Fulham against Arsenal.

"Initially, a challenge came in from Ashley Cole on Andy Cole - my initial reaction was 'Penalty'," he said.

"But the players' reactions from both sides put a little bit of doubt in my mind. I thought 'Have I got this decision correct'?

Fulham boss Chris Coleman said afterwards: "The referee was crap."

Mourinho blasts referee

Both Coleman and Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho - who criticised Rob Styles for not giving his side a penalty at Aston Villa - could face disciplinary action from the Football Association.

An FA spokesman said: "We will be giving due consideration to the comments made by both managers.

Halsey was also criticised for failing to give Arsenal a penalty when Moritz Volz looked to have brought Thierry Henry down during an incident-filled match for the official.

But the decision to award Fulham a spot-kick and then go back on his decision was the main talking point.

Halsey added: "If I gave the penalty, I then had to think about whether to dismiss Ashley Cole for denying a goalscoring opportunity.

He can't expect my players to run up to him and say, 'Don't give it

Chris Coleman

"I needed to buy a little bit of time so I went across to my assistant, Dave Bryan, who had a great view.

"He informed me that Andy Cole had played the ball into Jens Lehmann's hands. The TV replays clearly show that."

Asked what would have happened if Arsenal had not complained, Halsey added: "You can look at Andy Cole as well, banging his fist on the floor, as perhaps he's missed a golden opportunity.

"You don't know. If none of the players had argued it then maybe you could say that, but player reaction put a doubt in my mind."

It was a brave decision by the ref

From SB

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A disgruntled Coleman saw his team lose 3-0 as Arsenal took their unbeaten league run to 45 games.

Coleman said: "At half-time the referee came off the field and told me that he had called the penalty decision wrong.

"But he explained what his mistake was and he says it was in giving the penalty in the first place, not changing his mind.

"He says the reaction of the players made his decision and that they put doubt in his mind. But he can't expect my players to run up to him and say, 'Don't give it.'"

Will3172010-04-29 13:20:45 +0000 #2
Already have this in the Arsenal v. Fulham 3-0 thread...
lsgworldl2010-04-29 13:28:51 +0000 #3

Originally Posted by Will317

Already have this in the Arsenal v. Fulham 3-0 thread...

but now ppl who didnt read that thread to read it here



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