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Your support CFC in game?

Charlie 92010-05-01 04:58:09 +0000 #1
Hello Chelsea fans,

I have request to all of you. I´m one of CFC players in game with web site Watch this game. It´s very simple game. Principle is win Euro Cup. No one from English teams haven´t any chance to win Euro Cup because of Germans and French teams. They have more players and many forums. Each team have least one own forum. I establish Chelsea forum for our players now: . All are welcome! Let´s Chelsea competitive team. I give you advice how become good player. Support our team please. This game play above all adults but age isn´t important.

I am very experienced player who play this game already two years. I want build strong CFC team now. Only German and French teams win every week Euro Cup! This game is very prestigious. No registration is need! It´s fully free game.

Best regards

Charlie 9



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