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Both Keepers knocked unconscious !!

holicman2010-05-01 09:35:57 +0000 #1
Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho said goalkeeper Petr Cech was lucky to be alive after being knocked out at Reading. Cech was joined in hospital by fellow keeper Carlo Cudicini, who was also knocked unconscious.

Both men suffered collisions at either end of the Premier League game at the Madejski Stadium, with Italian reserve Cudicini replacing first-choice keeper Cech in the first minute.

"Both are in hospital, both completely lost (consciousness), they were completely knocked out," Mourinho told Sky Sports News.

Cech was carried off on a stretcher after the Czech international was caught by Reading's Stephen Hunt, who later said he had simply tried to win possession.

"The second one, Carlo, I think is a consequence of the way he hit the ground, but the first one, with what Petr has, I'm not sure if he's a Catholic, but ... to be alive is a bit lucky," Mourinho said. "I think it was that bad."

"The speed of the keeper sliding on the pitch and the knee coming in at speed, different directions, you can imagine the consequence of that. For me it was a disgrace."

Hunt told Reading's website: "I was 100 percent intent on winning the ball. I hope Petr Cech is not too badly hurt and hope he makes a full recovery as soon as possible."

Reading manager Steve Coppell backed his player, telling Sky Sports: "With the surface being a bit greasy on top, and I think with both his momentum and the goalkeeper's as he skidded through, there was horrible contact."

"There is no way my player would go in there to make that kind of contact."

"There's no way he would think it would be a cheap shot to clip him ... we've got a really good disciplinary record and we're proud of it. I know the player and I know he wouldn't do that."

Cudicini appeared not to be moving after colliding with Reading's Ibrahima Sonko in the closing minutes and was given treatment by paramedics for several minutes as he lay on his back. He was reportedly given oxygen and a neck brace.

"I'm just waiting for the keepers to leave hospital and to have reports about their injuries," Mourinho said. "And I have to wait for what the FA's going to do about it."

"The second one I think is a bad challenge ... but I don't say he goes (in) with any bad intention."

"In the first one, the ball is far from the (Reading) player ... it is absolutely unbelievable. Professional players should respect each other."

Mourinho said the contact between Hunt and Cech was comparable with that earlier in the season involving Ben Thatcher and Portsmouth's Pedro Mendes, who was knocked out by an ugly lunge from the Manchester City defender.

Thatcher was given an eight-match ban plus a 15-game suspended ban by the Football Association.

The injuries to the Chelsea keepers come before Wednesday's (Thursday morning AEST) Champions League Group A game against holders Barcelona at Stamford Bridge, Chelsea's biggest game of the season so far.

It could mean a start for their third-choice keeper, Portuguese Henrique Hilario.

Chelsea captain John Terry, who had to play in goal for the final minutes in stoppage time, said: "I'm obviously very concerned. I think they both got knocked out and both fully concussed. I'm disappointed, especially with the first one."

femi_62010-05-01 09:38:08 +0000 #2
both were wicked hard hits.. hilario will prolly be keeper for the barca game
Cherry.DeRossi2010-05-01 10:08:51 +0000 #3
It was really terrible, luckily Cech's skull-operation was a success even though his condition is still under observation, hope he'll get well soon...



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