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Is Chelsea the most hated team?? Why??

karim02010-05-01 10:07:07 +0000 #1
After the arrival of the billionare and the take-over of the league, Chelsea had set up a repuatain of "THE MONEY". But if we remember before all of this, Manchester United and Arsenal fans controlled the transfer market, signing whom they want. It is normal for fans or teams to unite against the winning team but why is Chelsea HATED?... Is it mourinho attitude?? or is it just envy??

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I beleive because it wins!!
toukhy2010-05-01 10:09:32 +0000 #2
I believe that people hate chelsea mostly because of their coach and his unproffesional comments and his attitude. Also because they have incredible money and power in the transfer market, like i can say that man utd hate chelsea because of chelsea stealing peter kenyon from them and also frank arneson from tottenham. Fans of arsenal also hate mourinho as he didnt shake the hand of wenger after chelsea's 2-0 win at highbury so mourinho isn't a good sport i believe that if mourinho were to leave and chelsea get a proffesional manager as cappelo they wont be love but they wont also be hated as much.
toukhy2010-05-01 10:30:01 +0000 #3

But if we remember before all of this, Manchester United and Arsenal fans controlled the transfer market, signing whom they want

dont forget that chelsea sign at least 5 world class players every season compared to man utd and arsenal who used to sign 1 or 2 players a season.
karim02010-05-01 10:39:12 +0000 #4
Alright, wait. Mourinho was in Porto!!! Porto was loved when he guided it to the Champions League and title!!! So that sets up the mourinho thing as he is the reason and toukhy, frank arneson was exchanged with parker and peter kenyon was BOUGHT!! Read in detail. 2ndly, 5 world class players wat??!!!

we bought in the last 2 years since 'the billionare', only 6 world class players, thats 3 per year, n arsenal and manutd buy more!!! this year alone. and y did chelsea buy?? because they werent that good untill 2000 so they had to suddenly buy players!! toukhy think b4 u write
toukhy2010-05-01 10:18:47 +0000 #5
oh dear oh dear, think loggicaly please, not because you're a chelsea fan means that u say any rubbish!!! Really i believe that u don't believe that u know who plays in arsenal and man utd, you said that they buy players more than chelsea. oh my god!! lets see this season man utd signed : park, van der saar right? which are 2 players as i said before., compared to chelsea who brought : swp, essien, crespo ( back from loan), maniche ( on loan), del horno, diarra. so how come r u saying that man utd buy more players than chelsea. u say you're a chelsea fan and u dont even know who they buy or how many do they buy.Chelsea got 6 players this season and u said they get 3 per season. plz be careful about what u say
karim02010-05-01 12:33:22 +0000 #6
wait wait wait. what happened to Evra, vidic??? n crespo and maniche arent bought, crepo was just onloan and maniche is loaned n dairra doesnt count(n even if he is! it will be 3, like i said!!) coz hes a reserve!!! so i guess im right!! sorry, mate
karim02010-05-01 11:37:30 +0000 #7
n ur bantering with me to this point, shows just how much chelsea is hated!!
toukhy2010-05-01 13:02:37 +0000 #8
in the end i dont care how much players u buy and who r the players even if they're ronaldinho and eto'o, i will always hate a team called chelsea



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