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Chelsea V Liverpool-FA cup

lampardschick2010-05-01 09:21:14 +0000 #1
Hi, but was it me or did other people notice that Liverpool were totaly trying 2 say they were the best in the post-match interview?Risse was like "O we played great 4 90mins" n i was thinking what the hell! We totaly dominated the last 30-they could'nt get any possesion whatsoever.Jose sd some class stuff in the post-match interview considering it was his tactics that practically lost us the game.No make it the refs falult 2-4 givin them a free kik when it tottaly was'nt.J.T won the ball fair and square.And if the ref thought he did'nt want 2 b paid by liverpool anymore he might have given j.t the goal he scored-he only had his hands on risse 4 a minute.Im telling u im behind middlesbourough/west ham all the way.
King_Eric2010-05-01 09:30:39 +0000 #2
just goes to prove how well chelsea fans are imitating the same bloody annoying attitude that their manager has been!

A lost is a lost, accept it and move on you losers....

hell... you even hesitated whether to blame Jose or the ref in yur post above...

Like what Jose said " a champion is crowned for their performances over 38 games and not 1"

likewise, a win is given over the 90 minutes and not the last 30 or 20 minutes.

so, shut up and move on ....

and about the terry on riise thingy, well it doesn't matter if it was for a minute or few seconds, a foul is a foul... and i can't believe you used a minute there. not even Air Jordan couldn't hang up there that long ... LOL



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