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leighton2010-05-01 17:37:33 +0000 #1

I am a student at Manchester metropolitan university. I am currently researching for an assignment I am doing. The centre of my research is regarding fan identity and local pride. I would appreciate it if you could spare a little time and answer the few questions I ask below.

I will keep the research anonymous if you like, and the questions will only relate to you personally in regarding to your football support. You do not have to reply to me, but your answers would be greatly appreciated.

This is in no way specific to your club, and I am canvassing quite a few clubs, but given the rise in recent years of Chelsea I felt you were a good team to use. The questions are centred around you, the fans, primarily, and not the club or current team. I want your personal opinions and feelings regarding the identity of a football fan, not the official club response.

Please e-mail your replies to or reply here.

1)Where were you born, and where do you currently live

2)What is the reason for your support of this team?

3)As a fan do you a) visit home and away matches, b) just home matches or c) follow via TV and radio

4)What characteristics would you describe as being representative of your clubs fanbase?

5)Do you feel a distinct rivalry to any particular club? If so who and why?

6)What characteristics do you associate with fans of that team?

7)Do you feel your club treats you in a good way, as a follower of the team?

8)Do you feel that football plays a major part in your identity?

9)Do you feel the club has established local pride and is encouraging local fans?

10)Do you think football passion and identity is rooted in the local, national, European or global?

11)Where do you see your team as fitting into the contemporary footballing world?

12)Do you have any other comments regarding football fan identity?

Thank you for your time. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Chris Leighton.



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