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Soffa2010-05-01 18:28:32 +0000 #1

Now being a Chelsea Supporter the shock of Abramovich was a good one

but MSI Media Sports Investment and Joorbchian, seem somewhat scary

It is like a consortium of Abramoriches buying players and assigning them where to go, the office of fair trading has got to look at this they must be breaking some sort of competiton law in football.

The uncertainty about whether or not Roman is the figure head behind the secret investers that Joorbchian is unwilling to name, gives me an objective view about Abramovich and the shock waves caused on his inception.

With rumours that Mascherano is amongst 30 players including tevez and wagner Love that MSI has purchased, One can only hope that R.Abram is involved so that Chelsea have a stronger monopoly over football.

This could mean the rise of Brazilian Football,

And I do not know what that means for Europe, The champions league could eventually end up like the Uefa Cup second rated.

Whilst the copa libertadores could become the biggest club competition in the World.

Imagine Ronaldinho and Adriano playing for Corinthians in the Liba whilst Michael Owen and Del Piero are the best players on view in Europes top club competitions.

(Apart from Chelsea’s Roman Legion)

MSI is a Bull in a China Shop, and that does not make a good combination.

Unless of course Abramovich is the bull in which case

I do not mind if he sees Red, he probably owns the China Shop anyway.

But Seriously this is becoming like classical civilisations when Old Kings sent valiant young warriors out to fight for land, where lives were ruined because of Power hungry games

There is only Room for One Billionaire Boyz Club, so what do you think

So what do you think

Is this man the new Abramovich or is he a front for the real thing?



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