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Mutu postive for drug test\

zenden92010-05-01 21:09:20 +0000 #1
From ESPN net!


Adrian Mutu is heading for talks about his Chelsea future with manager Jose Mourinho today following allegations that he has tested positive for a banned substance.

Mutu and his agent Victor Becali have been shocked by accusations that the striker failed a random drugs test in September.

Support for the beleaguered Mutu was quick to emerge from Romania today as the player flew back to London from Rome for talks with Mourinho.

His career at Stamford Bridge is already under threat following a public row with the manager over his decision to defy Chelsea's wishes and play in last week's World Cup qualifier against the Czech Republic.

The pair had publicly clashed when Mutu accused the Blues boss of blocking him from playing for his country.

The wounds were widened further when the striker, who was signed by previous Chelsea manager Claudio Ranieri for £15.8million, claimed he was in 'open conflict' with Mourinho as a result of their bid to stop him playing for Romania.

And it was clear, during the build-up for Saturday's away trip to Manchester City, where Chelsea were defeated for the first time this season, that Mutu has little or no future under Mourinho's tenure.

However, senior footballing figures in Romania today hinted that the timing of the story was suspicious in the light of his current difficulties with Mourinho.

Mutu was fined two weeks' wages, around £240,000, by Mourinho for his outspoken comments about the Romania situation.

Romania's national team doctor was among the first to voice his support for the player today.

Pompiliu Popescu said: 'Adrian never took anything that I hadn't given him. He is under strict observation here and he would never risk his career like this.'

Neither Chelsea nor the Football Association have confirmed the positive test or identified the player.

Mutu, currently injured, spent the weekend in Italy seeing his ex-wife. His agent Andrea Pretti today confirmed he is now back in London.

Pretti revealed: 'The English FA and Chelsea have acted correctly as they should be in this situation, and that they will not release a statement until a counter-analysis has been carried out.

'The player is in London - he had spent a couple of days in Italy but he's returned to the English capital.

'We are awaiting the counter-analysis and until then we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

'We don't think it will take long for things to happen, possibly a couple of days.

'You can imagine how the player feels. He already had technical problems at Chelsea and now this has just made it even worse.

'Until this situation is cleared up what his future will be is secondary.

'Victor Becali (Mutu's agent) is travelling to London and will arrive this afternoon to follow up the situation.'

Becali added that the player was 'absolutely shocked' over the accusations.

'We did not receive anything official until now, but today, myself and my partner, Gica Popescu, will go to London,' Becali is quoted as saying by the Daily Star.

'I have heard a lot of people in Romania saying that this is Chelsea's revenge against Mutu but I do not agree because it is not in the interests of the club to make public such a story. They have their own interests in selling Mutu.

'I only heard that this is not a recent test. I think it was done in September. I spoke with Mutu on Saturday and he did not say anything to me about this story.

'But after I heard the story I called him and he was absolutely shocked.'

Gordon Taylor, chief executive of the Professional Footballers' Association, admitted he was disappointed Mutu's identity had been revealed.

Taylor told Sky Sports News: 'We have been aware for a short time there had been a positive test because we work with the FA on drug-testing procedure but this is a breach of confidentiality.

'It has all got to be confidential and I don't want people to jump to conclusions. There needs to be a proper hearing and a second test.

'I have been in contact with the player but it would be wrong to say what he thinks. It is up to the agent to say what he thinks but from our point of view we are very keen to have confidentiality before we have had a hearing.'

The Romanian football association are monitoring developments after stating they were not officially informed about the situation.

A spokesman said: 'We are waiting to know what has happened before making an official statement.'



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