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Drogba booking overturned

lsgworldl2010-05-01 22:44:37 +0000 #1
Chelsea striker Didier Drogba's yellow card against Aston Villa has been rescinded by referee Rob Styles.

Styles booked Drogba for diving after a challenge by Ulises de la Cruz but has looked at video replays and changed his mind.

"Referee Rob Styles has rescinded the yellow card," said the FA.

"The referee states that after reviewing the incident on video, he is satisifed that there was no attempt by the player to deceive him."

Chelsea were incensed when Styles booked Drogba instead of awarding them a penalty.

Captain John Terry said: "It was a bad decision by the referee.

"It is tough for them but he was too far away. It was disappointing that he booked Didier. It should be rescinded."

Referee Styles infuriated Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho with his decision and even Aston Villa manager David O'Leary thought that his side were fortunate not to have conceded a spot-kick.

Mourinho blasts referee

Terry added: "We definitely should have had a penalty. I've seen it on the replay.

"Didier did well, he cut across him and the only thing De La Cruz could have done was bring him down, which he did.

The lads at our place are hungry to win cups, trophies and big tournaments

Terry on the Champions League

"He clipped the back of his leg and I'm disappointed that the ref didn't see it - there were a couple of things he missed as well."

But Chelsea start their Champions League campaign at Paris St Germain on Tuesday and Terry says the team will now focus their energies on that.

Chelsea reached the semi-final last season - where they lost to Monaco - and the central defender says winning it this time around can erase that hurt, especially with Mourinho at the helm.

Mourinho led Portuguese club Porto to Champions League glory last term.

And Terry stated: "The lads at our place are hungry to win cups, trophies and big tournaments.

"With that in the side and the experience of the manager it could be great for us."



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