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An invitation to all Chelsea fans

Montalcino2010-05-02 05:11:38 +0000 #1
Hello dear Chelsea fans!

I am a “representative” from the biggest english language Lazio fansite in the world – .

We have since a few months back in time, a cooperation with a radiochannel in Rome, Radio Flash più and every Saturday at 5 pm CET we have our own show; “LazioWorld on air”. The best thing is that its over internet and you can listen to the show from your computer, so called streaming. You can easily download the radioprogram from Radio Flash homepage

Click Novita’ Lazio, then click on the musicnote. Easy!

Friday the 18th of july, SS Lazio will play a friendly game against Chelsea at Stadio Flaminio in Rome. Because of this we invite you to listen to the radioshow where we will talk about this coming game, and about Chelsea. Our radiohosts Ermetico and Jester are members of LazioWorld forums and apart from the game against Chelsea they talk about threads in our forum, news about Lazio (of course), rumours from the transfermarket and gossip in general. All in english!

It is with pride I mention that we,, are the first unofficial fansite in the world that is having their own radioshow in a foreign language. For us, it open up doors to the world, to share our passion with also the non italian speaking fans.

So, for this occation, having Chelsea FC as guests in Rome, we guess it is of interest to you to hear the latest talk about this coming game... please join us!

Blue is the colour, football is the game.

Best regards



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