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I hope Raneiri really kicks out Panucci

zammiboy2010-05-02 07:37:42 +0000 #1
I hope Panucci leaves soon. He might be a cultured defender (whatever that means !), but he is clearly a bonafide mercenary with no passion whatsover for Chelsea !

All his actions on and off this field so far this season has convinced me (and possibly many other fans and also Raneiri) that this guy is an evil trouble maker. No wonder Lippi didnt like him.

You know guys what I think ? .. I think the guy is a real RASCAL. He is as evil as Dr.Evil and if things are not checked he has the tenacity to destroy chelsea.

Here is my evidence:

1) Fought and argued with Hasselbaink during a match a few weeks ago.(We eventually lost the match and the whole dressing room was in disarray--a physchological blow)

2) He actually asked Savio not to come to Chelsea, and thats how we failed to acquire the gifted brazilian left sider.(apparently Savio and Panucci are good friends).

3)His performances in many of the matches so far has been less than satisfactory.He appears to be on holiday here before going back to his real job in Milan.(I hope his holiday is cut short hehehe).

Seriously speaking, we have Melchiot and Ferrer who can ably perform in Panucci's position. And they (especially Melchiot) are commited to the club's cause.

I hope Raneri kicks him out before he causes any more damage !

chelsea212010-05-02 07:41:44 +0000 #2
Naah.. Don't hope he kicks him out of the team like that.

He's a great player and in my point of view he has played well.

Though.. we got a fresh dutch national player in melchiot and the great ferrer.

I see it as luxus to have 3 high rated right backs - not a problem.



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