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Who do we want on the left mid?

chelsea212010-05-02 09:41:56 +0000 #1
Obviously we are looking for a left midfielder! But with the great performance by Le Saux lately and the fact that we actually have good left midfielder (Babayaro-Harley-Poyet). Do we need a new player on that position???

If so who should it be?:

(Possible targets as I see it)

* Gustavo Lopez

* Savio

* Kily Gonzales

* Van Bronkhorst

* Ze Boberto
chelsea212010-05-02 09:56:03 +0000 #2
Sorry... ZE ROBERTO from Leverkusen!!
andy2010-05-02 09:49:20 +0000 #3
we should get SAVIO. he's the best left sided player in europe apart from giggs.
zOla2010-05-02 10:21:21 +0000 #4
agreed with Andy there... Savio all the way.. and Real better let him go.
chelsea212010-05-02 11:15:16 +0000 #5
Savio would for sure be a great signing... But I would like/hope that maybe Kily could join.

Belive he's unsettled in Valencia, and apears to be a very big argentine talent.
zammiboy2010-05-02 09:56:56 +0000 #6
I too like Savio as he is both good and also at the right age and he can be great for Chelsea. But I would suggest Raneri to get a english player.

and I will let you into a secret. U guys know who is the greatest crosser of the ball in england? Nope not beckham...but Leicester City's Steve Guppy.(and he is an excellent left sided midfielder too !)

Here is what Soccernet says about him :

"Lauded for being that rarest of things - a left-footed, left-sided midfielder worthy of an England call-up - Guppy joined from Newcastle in a £950,000 in 1997.

A versatile player, he can operate either as a winger or a wing-back, and his devastating crosses have provided countless goals for City's strikers.

He can drive to the byline or swing in accurate centres from deep, and his ability to add a few goals of his own to that cocktail makes him a sought-after talent.

His consistent form for the Foxes was rewarded with an England call-up against Belgium in 1999."

In short he is an exceptional player. Raneri should give serious attention to him. The only problem I can see in him joining Chelsea is that he is not exactly young. Age:31
zammiboy2010-05-02 11:20:34 +0000 #7
and with regards to investing in youth, Raneri must try to sign JOE COLE, from West Ham. He is an exceptional central midfielder and only 19 years of age.

He can replace DiMatteo, who is getting old anyway.

It wont be difficult to grab him from West Ham provided Chelsea fork out the necessary dough.

Afterall Chelsea is a much bigger club than West Ham.!ALhmd
gb15202010-05-02 11:38:56 +0000 #8
Are you serious? Do you really think that west ham would sell not only the brightest young player in england, but maybe in europe. That is the stupidist thing i have ever heard. I mean come on West Ham rejected a 15 million dollar bid for ferdinand (stam was only 13). There is no way in hell West Ham would sell Cole or lampard, ferdinad, or carrick for that matter. And West Ham are not that much smaller of a club than Chelsea, and by the way things are going in a couple years they will be bigger.



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