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An Athletico repeat to come - Relegation

Raffles2010-05-02 10:47:20 +0000 #1
Well Claudio is in Vialli is out

And Chelsea lose 2-0 to Leicester in first match.

Lets all pray he dont do for us what he did for athletico madrid.

Too Early .... you all scream

Well IMHO he should never have got the Job

his record does not warrant a club like ours.

zammiboy2010-05-02 10:54:22 +0000 #2
Right now I fear for the worst. Looks like Ranieri has a real job for him now.

The Chelsea squad is in total disarray and we need strong personality to straighten it. If Raneiri is the rigth man for the job cannot be said now. but i certainly hope so he is the one.

Right now I know many Chelsea faithfuls will be crying to see their team lose like this.

But take heart and lets hope for the best !
Di Motteo2010-05-02 10:52:23 +0000 #3
Bring back Vialli !! you must be kidding .

I don't know anything about this Raneiri bloke other than that he is experienced , and lets face it Luca certainly wasn't ; and when the sh*t hit the fan at Bradford it showed .

He panicked against Villa ( away ) by rushing back Stanic too early ( how long will he be out for now ? ) , he dropped Zola when the guy was bang in form , he played Poyet on the left of midfield when Le Saux was available ( not to mention Harley ) .

He lost us 2 points against the Arse' by taking Zola off with 20 mins. to go when the guy was running rings around a 3 man defence .

Don't get me wrong , coz I love Luca and everything he has done for Chels , especially as a player and as a player manager ; but as a manager ( on his own )........ well !!



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