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Replacement managers

flo2010-05-02 14:59:33 +0000 #1
So who's to replace good ol' Luca? Should the look outside England, or just check within the club. My personal in-club could-be manager must be Dennis Wise. The other option must be Franco, but my favourite is Wise.

But how unlucky can Petrescu be? I read in the Chelsea mag this spring that Petrescu would be interested in managing Chelsea as soon as he's done playing. Then he moves to Bradford, and Vialli's sacked! I really think that he might be just the manager for Chelsea.


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zOla2010-05-02 15:09:39 +0000 #2
Petrescu ? no way.. I don't see him as a manager at all. He hasn't got the "big" history.

but no Zola, nor Wise will become managers of our great blue unlucky (so far this season) club.



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