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Liverpool 2009/10 Europa League Campaign

~zero_signal~2010-05-02 15:43:47 +0000 #1
Discuss Liverpool's 2009/10 UCL matches here.
Ak-GaLAt72010-05-02 15:48:55 +0000 #2
Group E:






16.09.2009 v Debreceni VSC (H) 20.45

29.09.2009 v ACF Fiorentina (A) 20.45

20.10.2009 v Lyonnais

(H) 20.45

04.11.2009 v




24.11.2009 v Debreceni VSC (A) 20.45

09.12.2009 v ACF Fiorentina (H) 20.45
~zero_signal~2010-05-02 16:01:59 +0000 #3
Not the hardest group out there, but definitely not the easiest either. It would be wrong to underestimate Debreceni VSC. Lyon is usually strong and experienced at this level, and Fiorentina look like a hard team to break down.
Musicá2010-05-02 16:59:22 +0000 #4
True, but I think we will take a win against these teams.
Andygers2010-05-02 15:56:02 +0000 #5




Thats how it will end.
Cipher Complex2010-05-02 17:43:11 +0000 #6
^^^ Double true.
~zero_signal~2010-05-02 18:08:48 +0000 #7
Liverpool 1 - 0 Debreceni VSC

Goal: Kuyt 45+1

Next match: vs. Fiorentina away (29/09)
~zero_signal~2010-05-02 18:39:17 +0000 #8
Fiorentina 2 - 0 Liverpool

Goals: Jovetic 28 & 37

Excellent game by Fiorentina. The home side dominated the 1st half with some smart football, particularly in moving the ball out of the back to create attacking plays down the flanks. This really hurt Liverpool as both their FBs were found out of position way too many times in the first 45 minutes.

Fiorentina played well as a team all night, and all they really needed to do in the 2nd half was defend the 2-0 lead, which they did, and they played inside their own half for most of the last 45 minutes. Gamberini, Marchionni and Montolivo played quite well. I thought Zanetti and Vargas were quite good too. But, man of the man would have to go to Jovetic who gave Skrtel and Carragher a lot to think about.

Liverpool looked sluggish from the start, with their players usually 2nd to every loose ball and generally out-battled in every contest. Gerrard was surprisingly [very] average all night, as was the other main Reds midfielder, Lucas. I thought Johnson and Insua were below-average most of the night -- they were caught out of their defensive position too many times when they went forward, although their team mates didn't work hard enough to cover a lot of the time too. Carragher and Skrtel didn't play well, but Carragher was the main concern because it just seemed like the speed of the game was beyond him. As much as I respect Carra, I wonder if Agger is anywhere near ready to get back in the team.

This should serve as a bit of a wake up call. Lyon has now topped the group, but really all that matters is that at least 8 or 9 points are collected to be safe and progress to the next round.



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