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Mirko Mandic2010-05-02 16:10:05 +0000 #1

Liverpool have moved a step closer to building a new 60,000-seater stadium in Stanley Park after receiving the okay from Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott’s office.

Liverpool received the planning permission for their new stadium from Liverpool city council in July and it then went to John Prescott’s office. The good news is there are no objections and Liverpool are now a step further to a new stadium.

The new stadium - set to retain the Anfield name - will not only enable a further 15,000 fans to see the Reds in action every time they play at home but will also kick-start a whole regeneration project in north Liverpool.

A 150-page planning application was submitted by the club in October 2003 and details how Stanley Park will benefit from the construction of the new ground and how the current stadium site will be transformed into a public plaza surrounded by apartments, offices, bars and restaurants and a hotel.

Liverpool FC Chief Executive Rick Parry said the news is a very good one but said the new stadium is not a mere formality just yet, and just a step forward in the right direction.

Rick Parry told 'It’s not the final hurdle but it’s a very significant step forward.

'Obviously everyone is very pleased with the news. It is good news for Liverpool Football Club and it is also good news for the local community who want to see something happen.

'We hope there will be no more legal challenges.'

Building is expected to start on the new stadium in the spring of 2005 with plans to open its doors in 2007.

Liverpool council leader Mike Storey expressed his delight with the news and said: 'This is brilliant news for the city of Liverpool and is about more than a football stadium. It will mean new jobs, homes and investment.'

Local councillor Jeremy Chowings said: 'This is the news that the people of Anfield have been waiting for.'



so what do u all fink of it and post any new info like the name or any proposed sonsorships etc.

Maxpayne2010-05-02 16:21:23 +0000 #2
Beautiful stadium damn it! i wish my favourite club can have one of like this one
HiserTheKaiser2010-05-02 16:18:53 +0000 #3
Beautiful pics. Thank you Mirko.

I hope they can retain the Anfield name!

Mirko Mandic2010-05-02 17:31:15 +0000 #4
i doupt it casue it will cost in exess of 120m pounds.... and thats money we dont have ppl have said it might be called LG Anfield or New Anfield and Orange Arena/Stadium and LG arena/Stadium.

I like New Anfield casue 'AFIELD' will still exist i belive for Reserves and Youth team.... also might be rented out to a smaller club in the region ??? EVERTON??? LOL nah probley Tranmere Rovers.
Becks2010-05-02 17:19:51 +0000 #5
Thank you Mirko, I love the pics...
Mirko Mandic2010-05-02 18:08:53 +0000 #6
nw man whats with the avatar once one i must ask are you a KOPITE now???
KildareLad2010-05-02 19:11:35 +0000 #7
Oh what a stadium that is! Cant wait to go there
Becks2010-05-02 17:36:58 +0000 #8
I hated going to Anfield.......This one should be better.



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