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Liverpool interested in Giovanni Dos Santos?

Calif2010-05-02 23:14:56 +0000 #1
Well today theres been a rumor that Liverpool is very interested in Giovanni Dos Santos!!! Do you think that this is true and if you think so do you think that Gio will do good playing in the Premier League?
Bigpapa422010-05-02 23:16:50 +0000 #2
I wouldn't be surprised. There have been rumors of him almost leaving in January, I believe to Italy. Any young player with considerable talent is going to generate some interest from other clubs. As for how he would do, i don't think he's very big or strong for his age, so I think that could be a liability for him in England, moreso than it would be in Spain.
Adammac192010-05-02 23:26:47 +0000 #3
I really dont think there is much into this. With us playing Barca in the UCL next week there have been a few rumors that have been flying around like this one, Alonso going to Barca and now with the whole Eto situation there is word that we want him as well and all this poping out just before the tie just makes me think that there is very little to it.

I heard a lot about this Dos Santos but never really seen him play for Barca so I cant really comment on the kid.



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