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mark gonzalez

paul12010-05-02 23:18:27 +0000 #1
mark gonzalez is probably one of the best improved wingers ive seen lately, i think youll see him rise in the ranks once he starts for liverpool this season, had a great run in spain for real sociedad scoring goals against real madrid and 40 yard free kicks. anyone know if hes signed his contract with them yet?
Sirhail2010-05-02 23:25:13 +0000 #2
yep...hes already signed...but it was the work permit

apparently chiles fifa ranking was too low!

but its gone higher..and i look foward to him wearing the liverpool shirt!!
tylers12010-05-02 23:46:30 +0000 #3
Can't wait to see him in Red next year! Did you see him against Madrid? He ran circles around their defence.

check it out:

Video From YouTube:(link)

Good ball skills, good with his head and that amazing left foot. Can't wait to see him and Risse down the left. What keeper would want those two blasting shots

at them all game.

Free kick vs. Getafe:

Video From YouTube:(link)

Goal on his debut:

Video From YouTube:(link)

Another great strike:

Video From YouTube:(link)

The first goal here is him also:

Video From YouTube:(link)




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