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The Talking point.

holicman2010-05-03 01:56:27 +0000 #1
I must admit the goal was a dubious one, Cisse did the right thing in pulling out all together but the fact that he attempted to play the ball is what makes me think that it shouldnt count, because the Blackburn players stopped to watch his moves, which left Morientes and Fowler the opening needed to create the goal, which was the only goal of the match.

There were a few offside calls which shouldnt have been offside, when the players in question were the only active participants in the attack, and were in their OWN HALF when the ball was played forward !!

The linesman was rediculuous today !

but anyway, getting back on topic, I would be interested to hear everyones thoughts on Robbie Fowlers goal.

As i said, there is nothing wrong with the goal itself, but the fact that cisse was in an offside position and attempted to play the ball and then back out is the talking point.

Feel free to voice your opinion on the linesman aswell
Sirhail2010-05-03 01:58:37 +0000 #2
a goals a goal

1 day it would happen against liverpool

sometimes u have luck in ur side...sometimes u dont....

benitez was flirting with the team there....if gerrard isnt playing....u have to play ur best side...which includes kewell and crouch



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