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Rigano Eager To Fight With Siena

DaMaGe132010-05-04 02:52:20 +0000 #1
Christian Rigano is delighted to have left Levante - albeit on loan - in order to assist Siena with their struggle against relegation...

Former Fiorentina striker Christian Rigano is back in Italy with Siena, and he couldn't be happier.

The veteran forward arrives on loan from Levante, and while his time in Valencia was not a disaster, he's glad that it's come to an end, albeit a temporary one.

He told the Gazzetta dello Sport, "I was lacking in motivation there as nothing seemed to matter. Even if you're losing games and sitting last in the Liga, nobody would say a thing.

"I missed the sense of tension before matches, and the feeling of fighting for something.

"Still, it wasn't a total waste. I got to know some good people, some great teammates, and live in a beautiful city."

Numerous Serie A clubs were said to be interested in bringing Rigano home, but only one made the step towards doing so.

"Only Siena really wanted to bring me back to Italy, and they convinced me to come to them," revealed the ex-Empoli man.

"My targets? I'll accept scoring fewer goals as long as we stay up. Last year [with Messina] I sufferd my first relegation.

"I'm on loan here, but I'd like to stay. But it's too early to really discuss it - I need to prove myself first."



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