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Serie A Saturday 4.28

Magica102010-05-04 08:57:02 +0000 #1
well it looks like you guys dont do too much yappin about the Games each week, which i find odd being such a Futbol Oriented place as this is but hey, do you guys not discuss Gambling on the Games?

is it something not allowed?

Ahh man i dont know lol

Delete the post if its unallowed then

Serie A Sat, and i know AC prob isnt putting a team on the Pitch that wed hope to have a little more confidence in, but +125? +125? I dont care if AC put 8 guys out, theyll still find a way to knock a couple home, they just have it that way, and with less losses actually away from San Siro, theyve only lost twice away from home, so Torino can stump them? i dont think AC feels they have the Euro spot clinched quite yet, despite the form of Palermo and Empoli being 6 and 7 Pts back respectively, they can actually take third, and Pass Lazio, with alot of people thinking Roma can exact some revenge for the First Derby loss, although i hear no Totti as his back is still keeping him out, and Only one missing for Roma, depending on what Roma feels is worth putting out there but its a Derby man, Roma cant take this game lightly even if they wanted too? but thats another day lol

Ill hang with AC to stump Torino regardless of what Team AC fields, They can always sub late in the match if they need to, as was Evident exactly last weekend as Pirlo came in Late and Knocked home a STUNNING SHOT to seal that deal basically, and they will sub, AC, dont even doubt, can still cause a little Concern for even Roma if they faulter, not that the trade between top 4 spots is a major event, once youre there, youre there, but I think AC will be just fine Saturday, with plenty of time to settle for the Second leg of the Eufa Cup game with Man U at San Siro, which saw them grab 2 big road goals actually, and yes the loss 3 - 2, but 3 -2 is better than 1 - 0

Theyll be fine

AC Milan +125 ML

Fiorentina was rolling nicely, taking points over and over and then Lose to Parma, and Beat Lazio in Rome 4 days later? ugh no comment on the other game lol, but ill tell ya what, what a Job to start 15 back and be sitting in a Solid 7th place with still some outside shot of doing damage, at home they better show up and Beat a Chievo team with 2 wins away from home all year, and Fiore is heavily favored as well, They dont take the 3 points from this match, and hope to take points from all 5 left on the Slate, it was all for naught, Keep in mind coming in 6th place is good, and being one win away from it, and actually could find themselves in 5th tied with Empoli with a huge win for their fans, Luca better find the net twice, if Mutu doesnt lol

and wow look at that, i just made the 125,000th post in this section lol bring me some luck then will ya!! lol

Magica102010-05-04 09:06:09 +0000 #2
Ok then, 10 pg views? nice lol

maybe theres no interest in it then?

well yeah baby i guess so, everyone i spose, all like 4 of you who read this and hit Milan with me and Hit Fiore if ya played em small for some action like ya shoulda? GL on the pitch Sunday!

Hope your picks go well, im sure ill have some posted in My forum if any one notices lol GL



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