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Does anyone Post about the games?

Magica102010-05-04 04:49:08 +0000 #1
i dont see many posts about betting on the Games in Serie A, i havent been here for a while, in fact i dont even know the last time i posted, i guess i can check but whatever, where are the posts about the Games??

Welp im adding my input for Sat games, and i have been capping Serie A for a few years, although ive been a Roma Fan since the late 70's and the 80's were obv my hay day, and i just recently got into betting on it, Tough but fun, and as you can see in the Pred League im in 7th place overall, i like your guys Pred leagues, dont play anything but Italian Soccer so its the only 1 I Participate in, anyway

I get my lines from Normally, as i think they are the best to use to bet with, and i use Bet UK for Prop bets and Totals, as i live in America, and for games like NHL and College sports, you dont see both teams having +ML's; ones a fav, ones a dog, and usually the fav is a -ML and juice is on the line, but juice never seems to come into play, just gotta be on the right play! YA THINK!! lol

Anyway, i play Ncaa Hoops in the states, and i am 266 - 210 in hoops this season so far, yes i play alot of games lol obviously pushin almost 500 picks, and then March Madness and Conf tourneys are approaching? SAWEET!!! lol

If you want any of my Ncaa just ask, ill post it here, i have so many games for tomorrow, it being Saturday and All, but this is a soccer forum i take it, so heres what i have for Sat games

Torino V Udinese

Well with Iaquinta out for Ude that sure hurts their scoring, hes the only guy who puts the ball in the net for Ude, so that Concerns me, i have a 2 plays for this one

Torino +140 ML ($300 to Take $420) (

Torino 1st Goal Scored -120 ($240 to Take $200) (BetUK)

Half Result Torino +187 ($200 to Take $374) (BetUK)

There will not be more then 1 goal scored in the First Half and if it comes i hope its the Maroons who grab it at home, playin well at home , and i think ill forgive them for losing at home to the 2 best teams in this league the last 2 home games, they need this win too, sitting at the bottom of the 20+ point teams and 4 behind Ude, they can move from 14th to 9th with this ONE win, actually pulling ahead of AC, till Sundays game when they kill Parma lol

So basically this is as much a now or never game as it gets, if theyve wanted to make an impression in their New Serie A Boots, todays the day!

Palermo V Lazio

Perfect that Lazio and Palermo BOTH played to 0 - 0 Draws last week, naturally putting you on an Under, but when these two get together, an Under is a rare thing, Amauri obv hurts the hell out of this team not being In the line up, and until either team proves to me they can score, i cant play an over until Palermo proves to me they can score without Amauri, and Lazio can prove they can score at all, i think Palermo now knows they have to be much more defensive as coming Back from any kind of deficit will put that much more pressure to score, and it makes this Draw intruiging, a 1 - 1 Call of a draw at BetUK is +500, and i think My Dick almost got hard thinkin about hitting a +500 lol no offense, but the play ill grab from this Match is...

Pal/ Lazio Under 2.5 -130 ($260 to Take $200)

Buon Fortuna!!

If indeed youd like some Ncaa College Hoops as i mentioned, i will throw this at you

Bradley +6

Butler -4

Oreg/ Wash St Over 128

Enjoy and i hope i didnt offend anyone, im from NYC and its who i Am, so i do apologize for that comment about the +500, but if that draw hits ill lose my mind lol

I get to see both games on GolTv and FSN in Serie A today, so im excited to see for myself if what i predicted comes to fruition, again Buon Fortuna and Ciao!!!



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