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Dr Know2010-05-04 05:45:44 +0000 #1
I have placed 5 Scommesse (bet in U.S funds in account)

ME ROMA MAGICA 6/4 Unfavorable Single - $100 US to win $250 US

ME MAGICA TO WIN CORRECT SCORE 2-0 - 10/1 Single $25 to win $275 US (Middlebrough)

Milan 10/11 Single - $100 US to win $190 US (Bayern)

Schalke 9/5 SIngle - $50 US to win $140 US (Palermo)

Trixie all three Sides for $20 US to win $609 US

I have this Paste at another web site with two teams involving Thursday games, so obv i am 1-0 allready and i am on my way to hitting that Trixie and if you want the website it is posted (Dont want to try and get accused of free advertising) Priv message me and i will Allow to know of address

this place is impressive and i hope to be fortunato to have located you and hope to make you happy i am here also

Viva Italia

Ciao, Good luck to you



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