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Toni Hits Back

ASG2010-05-04 09:48:55 +0000 #1
Italy striker Luca Toni has hit back at the Palermo fans who booed him during Saturday's 1-0 World Cup qualifying win over Slovenia. Toni was a hero for Palermo supporters but his close-season move to Fiorentina led to him being labelled a `traitor' by the Sicilian fans

Even though his 50 goals in two seasons helped take the club from Serie B to a UEFA Cup place his move to Fiorentina will never be forgetten by Sicilian fans.

Despite appeals for supporters not to target him when playing for the `Azzurri', Toni was jeered and whistled throughout the game and booed when he was substituted in the final minutes.

"After two great years with 50 goals to come back and be treated like that, would you be happy?", Toni asked reporters after training on Sunday.

Italy play Moldova in Lecce on Wednesday but their final

World Cup qualifier is now a formality with the home team having already secured a place at next year's finals.

"There were strong emotions involved for me (on Saturday)," added Toni. "I was back at the stadium where I played for two years but this happens in football, of course it is sad."

Toni said he had been portrayed as the only person responsible for his move to Florence.


"It is not the case that I ran away from Palermo. It was a good bit of business for the club and it makes me laugh that I am called a traitor," he said.

"Two clubs have to make a deal before a player can be sold .

"These whistles show that people don't understand what happened. The club put it all on to me.

"I don't feel guilty but maybe someone else does. Maybe someone else should also have taken some responsibility.

"But I am a Fiorentina player now, end of story."

Toni's treatment was criticised by other members of the

Italy set-up, who felt the fans should have kept club-related issues away from the international game with World Cup qualification at stake.

"I don't think the fans realised they weren't just hurting Toni they were hurting Italy," said coach Marcello Lippi, who added that the striker's performance may have been hampered.

Captain Fabio Cannavaro said: "The protest was out of order, when you play with the national team you should never have to think about things to do with your club side."

Cristian Zaccardo, the Palermo defender whose goal ensured

World Cup qualification on Saturday, agreed the jeers were unfair.

"I feel sorry for him because he didn't deserve those whistles. Luca is a friend and he did a lot for Palermo in these past seasons," he said.(eurosport)

Any Thoughts?

Lance Knight2010-05-04 10:04:26 +0000 #2
he is a blasted traitor, he should dead in a car crash or something
ASG2010-05-04 10:05:19 +0000 #3
lol are you Palermo fan?

or you like me dont like sellouts?
Lance Knight2010-05-04 10:47:10 +0000 #4
both, but moreless i just liked palermo, the whole fact that the came from second divison and finished so high up, i loved to watch them play
ASG2010-05-04 10:15:52 +0000 #5
yea i hope they go far in UEFA well them or Samp. both are good



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