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Iaquinta and Toni - Both should go to Germany!

soccerates2010-05-04 07:19:07 +0000 #1
First some news; Iaquinta has refused to extend his contract and therefore Udinese has threatened to freeze him out of the lineup, much like what Roma did to Cassano. If this goes on indefinetly then Iaquinta runs the risk of being dropped from the NT by Lippi. I hope this situation is resolved quickly.

Teams like Udinese and Roma are dead serious about situations like this. They are reliant on trading players as a source of revenue and are not way going to run the risk of losing their best assets on free transfer. The same situation happened to Pizarro last season.

Now Capello has publically announced that he had high interest in Iaquinta when he was at Roma, and still admits interst in Iaquinta for Juve at the current moment: “I already wanted Iaquinta when I was at Roma. I liked him even during that time, when few people believed in him. I understood he had the qualities to become one of the most important forwards in the tournament.” That means that a move for transfer could be possible in January.

With Juve having known interest in Cassano and Iaquinta, is there any surprise they are being forced to sign contracts with their current club?

That said, Toni's move to Fiorentina to fill the gap left by their loss of Miccoli (To Juve of course, who then loaned him to Benfica) Has proved to be very successful as results in the last game indicate:




Fiore 38......

Muntari 28

Toni 43, 86


Iaquinta 91 (Pen)

Donadel 79

This was an awesome match. Some highlights;

Iaquinta caused a poor clearance by Ujfalusi by pressuring him deep, which allowed the ball to bounce to Muntari who put the ball on a wire with half volley into the net. Muntari is showing the skills to become something very exciting (21 years of age). Fiore then pulls Fiorentia even after Toni controlled a nice cross and set up the ball nicely. Toni then got one of his own as he let a rockey rip into the top of the net from a poor clearance by Jorgensen that he intercepted.

Udinese came out full-tilt in the second half forcing Frey to make some great saves. Iaquinta had a goal disalowed for reasons that I cannot understand

Then Donadel (U21 captain for Italy) puts Fiorentina in the lead with an amazing free kick bent just inside of the post. Toni got his second from a tight angle and Iaquinta is vindicated of his first disallowed goal with somewhat of a consolation goal in injury time.

If anyone watched this game and accuses Serie A of being boring, they are either blind or dead. This was a super exciting match, just one of the many from progressive teams like this. Cosmi is heavily underrated as a coach in Serie A!!

With that I expect that Lippi will bring BOTH Toni and Iaquinta to Germany next year because they are, without a doubt, two of the best big/power men in the game. In Hockey the term that would be used is Power Forward. They are both quick for their height, and can score from anywhere using BOTH feet (hello Vieri...please take note and buy yourself a right foot) or head. There are no other forwards in the game that are as powerful at shielding the ball, good in the air, and possess thunderous shots and excellent technique like these two. Lippi would do well to relegate Vieri to the bench from here on in. And I'm not even mentioning joint top scorer in the Serie A last year - Lucarelli. I believe he should be ahead of the pecking order than Vieri as well!

Thank you for your time in the NT Vieri, but your services are no longer required at this point in time. Perhaps if you keep your form you can be included in the NT as a sub status, and if you are hungry enough when you are put in the game under rare circumstances you can pull a goal out of the bag. Don't get me wrong, if we didn't have replacements of this quality, Vieri is still capable. We saw that vs Ireland in the friendly, but since we have replacements LIPPI MUST USE THEM!

cannuman2010-05-04 07:24:53 +0000 #2
I would take them both to Germany. The are quality players who can deside the result of th match.
toronto_soccer2010-05-04 07:50:34 +0000 #3
i voted to bring them both, but if i had to choose one over the other i'd choose toni.
soccerates2010-05-04 08:05:57 +0000 #4
Me too probably. I'm still wondering how Lippi is going to fit Lucarelli into the mold. I guess there always has to be one odd man out.

I hope he has the balls to play to our strengths.



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