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Berlusconi backs Azzurri

snakies2010-05-04 11:18:29 +0000 #1
Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi believes Italy have what is needed to win the World Cup this summer.

Speaking on Italian television, the Milan patron is confident that the Azzurri have a great chance of glory on German soil.

“Let’s hope that with all the immense talent we have, something will come from the seeds we have sown and we can win - and win with conviction,” he said.

“I hope the team that represents us on the pitch can enforce their superiority like Milan have done excellently for years.”

Francesco Totti is likely to be a leading light for Marcello Lippi’s side, a player who Berlusconi has admired for years – but one he insists will never join Milan.

“I certainly think that Francesco is a very strong player and has always tried his best when playing for Roma,” he added.

“But I have always thought that you can’t buy or sell a team’s leader.

"Some people have pointed out that I bought Lazio’s ‘symbol’ Alessandro Nesta. However, I never made an offer for Nesta. I thought at the time that Lazio should have kept him.

“When they needed to sell him for economical reasons, there was a real possibility that he would go to Juventus.

“As that was the case, I put in an offer so that our rivals would not become stronger than us and also reinforce our team. Everyone has seen that Nesta has really done a lot for Milan.”



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