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AC Milan v Juventus

miusoccer2010-05-04 11:28:55 +0000 #1
AC Milan V Juventus

While mathematically the title will not be over today if one of these teams gain a win today it more or less will be, the significance of a win today will not be lost on either team and even though a draw would I suppose be ok for both teams it would not be ideal.

AC Milan were very poor in midweek against PSV but this is a different ball game and the one thing this AC Milan team is that when needed they get it done, they have done it through the champions league all season and in serie a, when they needed to record a win, simply put, they did.

Juventus held the lead for a while in serie a but have let it slip and in recent weeks at crunch time they have been found wanting, as an example the inability to break Liverpool down or the home loss to Inter, when it really came to the crunch they just seemed to lack that little bit extra.

These teams drew 0-0 in Turin earlier on in the season, a match I thought Juventus should have won but times have changed since then, AC Milan have basically gone on from there while Juventus have slipped back and there lies the difference between these 2 teams,.

Overall I believe that AC Milan are the best team in Serie A and will prove that today, it is obviously a tricky match one that Juventus can win, I just don’t think they will, I think the home field advantage will be all important today and that AC Milan will go for the win.

All things considered I expect the home team to prevail today.

I go for AC Milan

I am happy to accept AC Milan -0.1/4 @ 2 ASIAN HANDICAP

Juventus.Elite92010-05-04 11:34:17 +0000 #2
Well that amtch has come to it's final and Juventus has prevailed. It was a good match, both teams having their chances. I am happy to see that AC Milan is indeed not Invincible and Juventus just got the finish today. A great match.
Lance Knight2010-05-04 11:34:28 +0000 #3
damn i missed this match, but i cant believe Milan did so much shit, if they contiune like this Liverpool wouldnt even have to buss a sweat inthe fianls



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