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Juventus & Torino

Dr.Oracle2010-05-04 14:25:59 +0000 #1
Dear all

Can I ask something?

I have a really curious question something for you guys.

I know Juventus so much, Juventus is famous club

in the world,I think.

But what about Torino?

I think this club is unknown well, but I saw their game on the TV,

there are a lot of supporters in their stadium.

I'm sure Juventus is one of the most popular club,

But I don't know how popular Torino at Torino.

Does Juventus more popular than Torino at Torino?

Torino is NOT popular club in Torino?

Which is more popular in Torino?

I know both of AC Milan & Inter Milan are famous clubs,

I know both of AS Roma & Lazio are famous clubs,

But in this case , I don't know yet.

I'm so curious about this.

Thank you in advance.



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