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I really need a help from italian fans

Macedonian fan2010-05-04 12:24:32 +0000 #1
I really need a help and some informations about Italian Serie A, but from last season 2003/2004. Two weeks I can not find nothing about that what I need to find. And I am very unhappy because of that. Here is my problem: I want to find maybe some web adresses, or something...informations in every match every single team played against the other team with wich kind of tactical formation. For example, from this season:On 12.09.2004 Chievo(4-4-2)-Inter(4-4-2). Chievo played with formation(4-4-2) against Inter who played also with(4-4-2), Milan(4-3-1-2)-Livorno(3-5-2), ect,ect....On 19.09.2004 Lecce(4-3-3)-Brescia(4-4-2), Inter(4-4-2)-Palermo(4-2-3-1), Messina(4-4-2)-Roma(4-4-2), ect,ect....So, is there somebody who can and who wants to help me. I"ll be very happy for that and very thanksfull.

Best wishes to everyone

from Macedonian fan
FORZA_PIRLO2010-05-04 12:40:03 +0000 #2
well u can go to google that might find u sometin
Macedonian fan2010-05-04 13:01:50 +0000 #3

Originally Posted by FORZA_PIRLO

well u can go to google that might find u sometin

Thanks for your replay, but I tried everything in google without succes. Thats why I ask a help from you Italians fans, because I think that you are the only guys which can resolve my problem.

Thanks anyway

Macedonian fan



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