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free 20gb video/mp3 player

HENRYgiggs2010-05-04 12:54:47 +0000 #1
To get a FREE Archos AV420 Iriver PMP-120 or Creative Zen PMC or a Photo Ipod:

1. Click on this link: to go to the free PVP Page.

2. Fill out the form, when it asks you to refer 10 friends, click on the option to skip that until later.

3. It will then ask which offer you would like...

4. Pick one of the great offers and sign up. Then cancel your order if u want. They are almost always free and if u dont want to pay then just choose the free ones!!!

5. Thats it, now just refer 5 people to do the same and it'll be shipped!

6. You can choose between an iRiver PMP-120, an Archos AV420, a Creative Zen PMC (Windows personal media center), a Photo Ipod or a Samsung DVD-L200!


Here is the Proof...

If you have any doubts you can check out this site: they will give you links to news articles and user testimonials with pictures.



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