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Italy at the World Cup

rhitam1012010-05-04 13:51:57 +0000 #1
Italy's World Cup was really, really poor. They won just one out of four matches, drawn two and lost one. A team like Italy cannot perform like that and hope to win the World Cup as well as stay up in the FIFA World Ratings.

rimaldiniKG2010-05-04 14:07:11 +0000 #2
I advise u to re-wacth this poor WC and then make ur coments....
psh032010-05-04 14:31:21 +0000 #3
This has all been commented on before but to blame Italy's failure at the WC on bad refereeing is crazy. Italy played badly. They went in with the wrong frame of mind, the wrong tactics and the wrong coach. The attack was too one dimensional. This might be excusable if your one of footballs minnow but when your a powerhouse like Italy with excellent attackers like Totti, Del Piero, Doni etc you must do better. Trap has intoduced Pirlo as a deep playmaker which is a step in the right direction. When at least one of Tommassi or Gattuso are sacrificed for a more attack minded players then Italy will be in a good position. Attacking football is dominating Europe. Teams like Madrid, Milan, Juve, Arsenal and Valencia are leading the way. This approach should be adopted by national teams too.
Severus2010-05-04 14:22:57 +0000 #4
brilliantly stated. especially the bit about gattuso/tomassi being replaced by a creative presence.

italian fans want goals and excitement yet very few are willing to part with that 2nd defensive plugger in the mid being sacrificed for another offensive-minded player. according to them its unbalanced. yeah sure it is, so is there logic.

ItalianBoy2010-05-04 15:40:13 +0000 #5

This has all been commented on before but to blame Italy's failure at the WC on bad refereeing is crazy

I agree on all you said except this. I suggest that re watch some matches. I agree on everythign like I said, but Moreno and the othesr really made it worst. I mean we didnt play well but we woudl have Go on!

Madrid dosent alwasy play well yet they manage towin and the yare cosiderd "really" good. I hope you get me.
rhitam1012010-05-04 14:45:21 +0000 #6
Yes, the referees did play an important part in Italy's elimination but all referees make mistakes, don't they? If they had not made any mistakes during the WC then we could have seen the likes of U.S.A., Belgium and Mexico in the Quarter Finals.

ItalianBoy2010-05-04 15:44:31 +0000 #7
The problem is that this were not just simple mistakes, it was a series of STRANGE mistakes. Thats why I still think the tWC was a set up.

Moreno is not just a sucky ref but a paid one. Same goes for many others refs and linesman.
psh032010-05-04 14:25:45 +0000 #8
The fact that Italy had those calls go against them has hidden from many the fact that they played well below potential. It doesn't seem like they have learned from the mistakes they made in Korea and are now making them again in Euro 2004 qualifying. A team like Italy should have the quality to still win despite the few bad calls but they didn't create the fraction of the oppurtunities they were capable of.



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