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Hey, i just wanna ask about Pescara!

14tammuz.com2010-05-04 16:07:35 +0000 #1
Hi, as you know im 15.

But you dont know that i play proffesinal football in Danish 5th division, in a team called Vallensbaek IF. Im the future of that team and my coach have just got an offer from some team called Pescara, don know them well i just know that the team was made by Facist's in 1936 and it was in its highest in the 30's, late 80's and 90's.

The offer was that my coach will send 3 players to train in Pescara -for theyre reserve team in 3 weeks, then after the 3 weeks we will play 1 friendly for them. Im one of the 3 players, the other 2 is my pals from the same area.

I write alot here because im injured in a week, sustaining a minor knee injury... Nothing big.

Thats why i get boored and write with fellow football fans, in this forum. Just wanna ask you guys, what and who the ahm is Pescara???



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