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RegginaAmaranto2010-05-04 15:55:52 +0000 #1
ok, go nuts and write in your up-to-date Transfers of your favourite Serie A and Serie B teams.

hey, if you've got favourite teams in Serie C (1a and b, 2a and b) or even in the amature or interregionale leagues, then go for that as well.

i'll start with Reggina.

first of all, we have players that we have loaned out and that are returning, ofcourse there is a high chance that they may still be loaned out further-more. these players are :

Gonzalez Martinez (Napoli), Julio Cesar Leon (Fiorentina), Zoppetti (Catania), Salvetore Vicari (Verona), Martina Lejsal (Slovan Liberic *CZE*), Erjon Bogdani (Salernitana), Ricardo Veron (Salernitana)

we also have some newly signed players, mostly from Serie B clubs, they consist of:

WALTER MAZZARRI, COACH, (LIVORNO) , Esteves, wing back (Pacos), Zamboni, defence (Napoli), Piccolo, defence (Como), Balestri, defence (Modena), Canarsa, defence (Livorno), Ganci, attack (Treviso), Boudianski, midfield (Juventus), Paverini, GK (Livorno)

as you can see, our purchases have been mainly focused on defence as we constantly preformed well in midfield last season but where a sham in defence. we also picked up Livorno keeper Paverini, who will play back up keeper to what looks to be Lecce's Sicignano who should sign for Reggina very shortly.

Reggina re-signed Emiliano Bonazzoli this week who will be hoping to make a vast improvment on last season. Reggina look very close to signing Napoli's Davide Dionigi who will make his 3rd return to Reggina. his first spell saw him set the Reggina record of highest ever goal scorer in the late 90's, his 2nd saw him come half way through the serie A campaign to bomb a few home for Reggina despite religation and then fire Reggina back into Serie A again, and this spell should see him shine once more.

Also, David Di Michele is in talks with Reggina once again after Udinese expressed they are willing to swap him for our Czech international defender Martin Jiranek. Reggina are trying very hard to get Di Michele back for a 3rd season as he was our outstanding player, along with Ciccio Cozza who incidently has left for Serie B's Genoa.

speaking of sales, here are the list of the recent sales.

Ciccio Cozza to Genoa, Stefano Dall'Acqua will be loaned off to Treviso to get some more game time as he is tipped for big things in the future, Fernandino Cappola is going back to Bologna as their 2nd choice keeper, Gianluca Falsini will make his way to Siena whilst Davide Baiocco, Roberto Stellone and Gianluca Camotto will return to Juventus, Napoli and Torino from their loan transfers respectivly. Andrea Sottil will leave with Cozza to Genoa and Reggina hero, Simone Giacchetta will go to Teramo to get more game time.

There have also been talks of Milan signing U21 right winger Giandomenico Mesto from Reggina and they look likely to do so, however, the talks include Giando staying with Reggina for another season in order to build upon his maturity.

There's also been talk of Martin Jiranek wishing to go to Glasgow Celtin, which if eventuates, could harm Reggina's chances of resigning David Di Michele.

anyway guys, keep up to date with your transfers.

RegginaAmaranto2010-05-04 16:04:27 +0000 #2
news just in, 'Re Davide' Dionigi has signed for Reggina once more, he will partner Ganci, Bonazzoli and another brand new attacker... Marco Borriello.

Borriello signed on a one year loan spell from Milan. after a month or so, looking from club to club, he finally decided to go with Reggina.

Reggina now have 4 strikers but arent content until they re-sign the services of David Di Michele.

once the signing is complete, Reggina will have both attack and defence sorted out.

They are still waiting on Sicignano (Parma/Lecce) or Kalac (Perugia) to sign as first choice keeper ahead of Paverini and im not sure if Reggina will try too hard to streangthen the midfield as last season the midfield really did flourish with Mesto, Tedesco and Cozza being particular threats, but now that Cozza is gone, Nakamura should find more room, there may be 1 or 2 purchases in midfield just to be safe.
Pazza2010-05-04 16:28:34 +0000 #3
Inter Milan signings:

1. Favalli (Lazio)

2. Burdisso (Boca Jrs.)

3. Veron (Loan-Chelsea)

4. Choutos (N/A)

5. Cambiasso (Real Madrid)

6. Davids (Free-Transfer)

7. Roberto Mancini (New Coach/Lazio)

Pazza Inter!
zenden92010-05-04 16:20:27 +0000 #4
AC Milan

Crespo on loan




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