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Inter v Brescia - Star bet by top place tipster in soccer contest

SoccerAx2010-05-04 15:01:19 +0000 #1
Hi all,

Here's today's star bet by Hobbit - top placed tipster at's contest

His Track Record (season): 79-6-52, Profit = + 208.66 units, Yield = +17.99%

His Track Record (Feb): 26-1-19, Profit= +69.46 units, Yield = +19.68%


Hobbit's Pick:

1) Inter - 1 win @ 1.95

2) Over 2.5 total goals @ 1.85

Hobbit's Analysis:

The second game which I am playing for higher stakes is this one, I do not like playing Inter but this time I think they will not fail...for me this is the right time to put money on them...

Home side

Hosts from Mediolan are placed on 6th spot with 36 pts, their record after 22 rounds is 10-6-6 (6-2-3 at home) with 38:20 goal difference (22:8 at home ground)...

Inter is not playing good nowadayz, they are in downtrend what made them to loose many important last league games they they lost to their local rival Milan (leading 2-0 till half time they let them win 3-2 !), two weeks earlier lost to Udinese at home 2-1, than only draw with Sampdoria...last 3 pts they took against Siena when they won 4-0 at home but before this game another 3 failures: draw with Modena and losts with Empoli and Parma...they are so unstable, can win with everyone but loose as well! that is why betting on them is dangerous however in my estimations this time is time for a nice win for them :-)

On Thursday Inter was playing in 1/32 clash in UEFA Cup with french side Sochaux...they were playing on the road and drew 2-2...after that game Inter's coach Alberto Zaccheroni said that it could go better but was not disappointed...

As I said earlier Inter is not playing well and such play followed to unpleasant situations, fans are frustrated and extremely unhappy...they showed their angry devastating Inter players business it is only vandalism but what if next will be using force against players? maybe I am going to far but I saw such situations few times when players were beaten by their fans because of poor results...I do not know how it will affect Inter players, I think that the only way to peace and calm is to make a comfortable win and make their fans not U think so? it is the safiest and "easiest" way...and tomorrow ocasion for that will be excellent...

Inter will have to deal without couple of players...Coco, Almeyda, Brechet, Gamarra, Martins, Cannavaro, Emre are all injured while Kallon, Materazzi and Cordoba are suspended...this is a long list of injured players but it is not new for them, this list is almost the same as weak ago...the biggest problem tomorrow will be defensive line, this is the biggest worry however Inter has got long bench and I am sure Zaccheroni will find they way to fill the whole in defence...

Away side

Visitors from Brescia are placed on 11th spot with 24 pts, after 22 rounds their record is 5-9-8 (2-4-4 on the road) with 30:35 goal difference (11:17 on the road)...

What is the aim of Brescia? probably to stay clear from relegation as they can not afford nothing more...they are now 4 spots above red zone but only 2 pts more on firs red placed Reggina...looking at their league games U will not get any useful info as their are also very unstable, they lost with Lecce at home last week while 4 rounds ago have beaten Roma! I will not focus more on them as I see no sens...

27th Frebruary is the day which made this bet much more safer...epidemia of influenza has caught Bresia...Agliardi, Martinez, Dainelli, Mareco, Mauri, Stankevicius, Accomplice, Brighi, Pisano, Bachini, Alberti are all in bad with a fever !!! Guana is doubtfull while their leader and heart of the team Baggio has injury problems...

Despite this absents mentioned above it is not sure all of them will not play! Pisano and Bachini have got 39 degrees fever, about Brighi it is difficult to assume but about other players there is hope they will play...All will be decided on Sunday morning, this guyz who feel better will play...but after illness will they play on 100%? their bodies are surely not fit enough to play 90 minutes at their bests...but if they do not recover on time? almost all of those players are regulars!!!

Past meetings

In last 11 eleven meetings Brescia won only once, and drew three times...Inter playing at home usualy wins, last season they trashed Brescia all those circumstances I would not be surprised it such score happen again...

Probable line-ups (La Gazzetta):


1 Toldo

4 J. Zanetti

13 Helveg

15 Adani

26 Pasquale

7 van der Meyde

6 C. Zanetti

11 Stankovic

18 Kily Gonzalez

32 Vieri

10 Adriano


1 Castellazzi

4 Petruzzi

32 Di Biagio

20 Castellini

19 Schopp

25 Gona

17 Guana

8 Matuzalem

21 Colucci

11 Del Nero

29 Caracciolo

Inter is much better team, that is a fact however their stars are very unstable, mixing realy good games with terribly bad ones...but this time I see a clear home win...Vieri with Adriano should score at least once, with weakened Brescia they should not have problems at all...they have got reasons to do that as their are still fighting for 4th place in league which let to play in CL...they are 4 pts behind 4th Lazio so nothing lost yet...even if they fail to do that they can not let this game anyway as there is a big fight even for UEFA Cup spots...Serie A is so strong that every game has to be treated seriously...tomorrow Inter should get an easy win...

Good Luck!


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