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Sensi the clown

romansky2010-05-04 22:05:45 +0000 #1
Roma President Franco Sensi has poked fun at Inter’s decision to buy Gabriel Batistuta in January.

The Argentine switched to the San Siro at the start of the New Year as a replacement for the injured Hernan Crespo. A move which Sensi believes benefited Roma and not the Nerazzurri.

"That piece of business was rare because we at Roma were well aware that we had swindled Inter," stated the capital chief.

Batistuta, whose Inter side face Roma at the weekend, has been struggling in Italy for the last two seasons and has scored just twice for his new club.

Statistics that Sensi seems to use to continue his scathing attack. "He arrived at Roma as an expensive subject but only did well for us in his first season," he continued.

"I shouldn’t really say this because he is a professional but in two months time no one will see him anymore.

"I’ll say it again, the decision to release him was a master stroke on our part. Even if others thought otherwise at the time."

But Batistuta wasn’t the only Inter player to receive Sensi’s criticism, as the millionaire launched into Christian Vieri.

"I’m not that bothered about him," he added. "Sometimes he plays and at others he doesn’t. Francesco Totti is the real star of the Italian game."

Sensi also commented on what next season holds for the Olimpico side as speculation continues over the future of boss Fabio Capello.

"He still hasn’t said anything to me but he has another two years left on his contract," the President continued.

"But we already have a strong side which will be strengthened with a new forward, midfielder, wide man and a defender."


Leave it Sensi to add some interest to an otherwise dull week of calcio news. You have to appreciate Sensi, just when you think he's reached the pinnacle of buffoonery he comes up with something better

But there's no arguing his comment about Vieri playing when he feels like it.

Severus2010-05-04 22:08:46 +0000 #2
true. that's probably the only time i'll ever share the same sentiment with him in regards to bobo.

as i said on the inter board however, you don't go bashing your opponents days before a big matchday. sensi has made a crucial mistake and roma will pay for his stupid blunders as they have been all season. instead of getting rid of capello in the offseason perhaps roma should concentrate on replacing their fukkhead of a president with someone who actually thinks before he makes a fool of himself.

i hope vieri and bati score 2 each.

and a totti red card as he usually finds himself with when the situation gets a little intense.
romansky2010-05-04 22:19:09 +0000 #3
Wow that sounds like you're supporting Inter to win, the lesser of two evils I s'pose

I think Sensi is a desperate man these days, his complaints against the refs earlier were ironic considering the moments of favouritism i lupi have recieved this season, & they've fallen on deaf ears. It's sad really, Franco is only providing the motivation for the nerazzurri & not helping his team at all. But it makes for good reading, I'm not a fan of Bati nor do I think Bobo is giving his all for the Azzurri...
ItalianBoy2010-05-04 23:25:20 +0000 #4
Media makes things bigger then they are.

Sensi said that it was a good deal mostly for Roma, Thats it.

No big deal.



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