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Mourinho's Press Conference Extravaganza

Sebastian2010-05-04 16:41:02 +0000 #1
I was just reading his press conference and i had so much fun people,that you just want to read it again...This guy is an extremely eloquent person,even too eloquent for his own good...Incredibly thoughtful and quick in his responses...

These are the characteristic that i personally respect above everything else...The guy know how to express him self and he does that exquisitely...

This guy deserves a thread for these stuff...

I can not believe that he is actually the coach of Inter...
Sebastian2010-05-04 16:55:49 +0000 #2
A step back. Who is that player in Italian football that you like a lot? Is it perhaps Cassano or Hamsik?

"Sorry, but this question has no sense, otherwise you will name the players of every Italian team..."


What is the real difference between your Inter and that of Roberto Mancini?

"I don't think it's very positive to compare my work and my ideas to Mancini's Inter. He is in the history of Inter, and I'm not because I still have to work and win to make history at Inter. Each coach has different ideas. I don't like Mancini's Inter and maybe he didn't like Mourinho's Chelsea, but these things are normal. I have deep respect for his work and for what he has done for Inter's history."

I bet Mancio is really upset reading this...People are a bit more dimplomatic when asked this type of questions,but this guy say it out loud... ...That's the way you do it,spank Mancini's Inter Mourinho,spank it...
Sebastian2010-05-04 17:20:29 +0000 #3
It would be good if we comment his press conference pearls,not just copy/paste stuff,just for the sake of posting them...

It's a bit of synthetic in that way...
Executioner932010-05-04 17:10:12 +0000 #4
I defiantly agree brother I understand most Italian very well so I can translate the stuff if need be. Great idea man his own press conference thread lol he already started with Ancelotti in only his 2nd press conference as boss lmao. When i read it I couldn't believe he already is starting WW3 in Seria A lol man the guy is for me like I said top 3 in the world with Capello and Lippi once he wins more then them he will be the best coach this game has ever seen but for now winning wise he's a sliver behind the gents.

But lmao I'm with u I still haven't come to grips with fact he is our coach lol. I can't believe it trying to follow the transfer market it all is happened so fast. I still cant come to the fact he's at Inter our destiny and his destiny was to coach this team and bring us back to the days of La Grande Inter he was born for this team. He is going to be beyond succesfull with us I cant wait for the season and more press conferences I love to here the man speak he's a ***king linguist too lol. I'm pretty sure he can speak 4 languages possibly 5 I'm not sure though.

as the other guy on the forums said WWJD What Would Jose Do lol!!!!!!
valdanito2010-05-04 17:28:10 +0000 #5
few months ago, when Inter were about to win the Scudetto and Milan were struggling, there were rumours that coach Jose Mourinho, now at Inter, was ready to join the Rossoneri to replace Carlo Ancelotti.

The Milan coach reacted to these voices by referring to Mourinho's lowly past as a footballer: "Mourinho to Milan? He can't even kick a ball..."

The Portuguese coach never got past the amateur level, while Ancelotti played for the likes of Roma and Milan, as well as appearing for the Italian national team.

During the presentation ahead of the new season at Inter's Appiano Gentile training ground, Mourinho referred to this quote and gave the following response.

"Perhaps he has forgotten that in Milan's history Arrigo Sacchi made them play the best football," he said. "And Sacchi, like me, never played football at a high level. My dentist is great, but he's never had tooth ache..."
valdanito2010-05-04 17:56:20 +0000 #6
I do have to say this guy is smart and know how to get his was with the press, something inter were in desperate need of.
Ryan272010-05-04 17:57:07 +0000 #7

Originally Posted by Sebastian

I was just reading his press conference and i had so much fun people,that you just want to read it again...

Have to agree. Reading the whole thing at was great, fascinating entertainment. He is clearly so brilliant and so focused. Everything he says is capable of surprising you (in a good way), from the quotes already mentioned in this thread, to openly saying Stankovic is not the same player as at Lazio, or telling the press that they are not important compared to his players, and so on and so on.

His philosphies make so much sense that it is a wonder that every coach doesn't adhere to them.
Andygers2010-05-04 17:47:46 +0000 #8
Oh so this isn't the Kenny Miller Press Conference Extravaganza then!

I'll get my coat...



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