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Mourinho: I'll be back in EPL

SiN2010-05-04 18:27:55 +0000 #1
Former Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has reiterated his desire to work in the Premier League again.

Mourinho, who watched Chelsea's win over Fulham ahead of the Champions League clash with his Inter Milan side, said: "I want to be back. I'm not the kind of guy to keep his feelings hidden.

"I have always said the same - I love it here, I love it here, I love it here."

However, the 46-year-old added in The Sun: "I don't leave any club mid-season to go to another. So, until the end of the season there's no chance that I will leave Inter.

"I was very successful so it is normal that other clubs here will want me.

"I won two titles with Porto, two with Chelsea and now I want to make it two, plus two, plus two by winning it again with Inter. That would be special.

"But yes, I believe I will be back one day."
Gringotown2010-05-04 18:43:50 +0000 #2
I think he will be back, possibly waiting for Wenger to take an executive job at Arsenal!!!
Musicá2010-05-04 18:43:13 +0000 #3
He'll be back, Terminator style
Baby Face Nelson2010-05-04 18:50:00 +0000 #4
Absolutely he will be back. Liverpool is my bet.
Gringotown2010-05-04 19:40:43 +0000 #5

Originally Posted by Johnny Doom

Absolutely he will be back. Liverpool is my bet.

Do not think Rafa will be sacked. Liverpool will be ok...!!!!

Think he would like the challenge of turning a lesser team into a CL one!!!!
Baby Face Nelson2010-05-04 19:36:28 +0000 #6
Gringotown2010-05-04 20:50:00 +0000 #7
Thinking more likely Bolton!!!

But would he want to live there?
Vipaman2010-05-04 20:40:31 +0000 #8
Doesn't appear that he'll return to the EPL anytime soon:

Jose Mourinho said goodbye to 2009 with a typically abrasive interview. “It’s a ‘war’ with the Italian journalists. I’m no ****-licker.”

The Inter boss had several run-ins with the Italian media this year, which culminated in swearing and allegedly pushing a journalist in Bergamo.

These battles have fuelled reports Mourinho is unhappy with the Press and could quit the Peninsula at the end of the season.

“From the day I left Chelsea I said that I would go back to England and that has not changed. A few days ago I said I’d remain at Inter until 2012, which is the end of my contract, but the truth is people only like to highlight certain statements.

“It’s true that I will return to England one day, I am sure of it, but I don’t know if it’ll be 2012 or 2020. I am happy in Milan.

“I’d never criticise Italy as a country or its people, but I was referring to the rapport with the Italian journalists that is not positive. In fact, I’d call it a ‘war.’

“In my view the situation is your fault, while you think it’s down to me. The fact remains it is a war I cannot win because you are many and I am on my own.

“I can lose a war, but never my personality, my independence or my freedom of thought. I will never be an ****-licker. I’ll always stay independent and say what I think, even if many don’t like it.”

The Special One has been criticised for his Champions League record at Inter and he took the opportunity to fight back yet again.

“It was a positive 2009, I’m satisfied. For me and my collaborators Serie A is more important than any other competition, as it’s over a season of 36-40 games that you understand who the strongest team is.

“The Scudetto we won this year was crucial to understand our strength and improve our self-belief. If I were to have a 2010 the same as 2009, I’d be happy.

“For next year we are targeting the title again, that is our objective. We know the Champions League attracts more media attention and brings enormous prestige, so we want to win that too, but it’s a competition where good luck and little details can be decisive.

“I know that well, having lost a 2005 semi-final for a non-existent goal. Barcelona also know, having reached the Final with a last-gasp goal at Stamford Bridge.

“So let us say that we’ll try to earn the good luck that is necessary to win the Champions League, which for this competition is a great deal.”

Goran Pandev looks set to arrive on a free transfer after terminating his contract with Lazio.

“The club did not tell me we have bought anyone and I didn’t make any requests, but everyone knows I like Pandev. He gives the side balance, makes himself heard on the pitch and would allow us more tactical systems.”



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