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Inter`s best player performance 2008/09

devious2010-05-04 18:53:17 +0000 #1
I posted this on another thread but I thought it`s time for this thread anyway..

I made the poll with muliple choices as I thought it would be hard to choose only one player from a group of extraordinary gentlmen that have been all impressive this year..

Well we all agree that Zlatan.. the best player in Serie A.. was our best player this year.. because of his magical moments we are about to be crownd league champions again.. however the Inter`s team element of success has been a reason for many several aspects besides Ibracadabra..

It was a tough choice for me to choose this time.. the tie was between Cambiasso and Julio Cesar..

However.. my best player this year.. again .. It was



He is the most underrated player in Serie A IMO.. maybe because he isnt Italian, he alone is doing all the dirty job in the midfield for the team.. Is it a counsidence that the team actully started winning since he has arrived?? he is just the ONE MAN ARMY.

Also so far I do not understand why the ***k didnt the dumb ass Maradona has called up for him in the NT! Im so glad that they lost thier last game with those 6 goals.. It would have been different if he had the best midfielder in Serie A on board.


As for the most impressive performances in the world from a goal keeper.. it was surely is for Julio Cesar.. he has developed his abilities in such a short time! he is magnificent and I predict a bright future for Julio.. he`ll be leading our team and the brazilian NT for glories soon!!


I also went for Mario Balotelli.. the best youngster in the world rightnow.. Also I choosed Maicon...

Damn it I wanted to choose all of them.. but what the hell!

Sebastian2010-05-04 19:01:41 +0000 #2
I choose Cesar...Zlatan has lead the team through hard times,but even he could not have compensated the goals would Cesar hadn't been so brilliant and defended the goal phenomenally.

Cesar all the way...
valdanito2010-05-04 19:15:29 +0000 #3
julio cesar. nothing short of amazing
DelijaZauvjek2010-05-04 19:45:47 +0000 #4

Like many say:

Inter without NOTHING!
devious2010-05-04 20:11:06 +0000 #5

Originally Posted by DelijaZauvjek


Like many say:

Inter without NOTHING!

I heard those "many" also say:

"Barca without Messi .. in NOTHING. "

"Manutd without Ronaldo.. is NOTHING.


"Chelsea without Lampard.. is NOTHING.


"Liverpool without Gerrard.. is NOTHING." (despite the fact that even with Gerrard this year liverpoll was nothing and ended the season without even a carlin cup! ).

But usually those "many" which infact are so "few" know alittle about football.. actully they barely know anything.. cause the very first impression about football that it`s a Team sport... how can you rate an all tam work based on one players performance? fact is this following this logic.. If Ibra played alone against any team he actully could win. I mean he would catch balls as a Cesar, defend like Javier Zanetti, cut the balls in the midfield like Cambiasso and create chances for himself and then take a through pass from "himself" and score it by himself.

I heard those "many" also say "Ignorance is a bless"

Poor "many"
son_of_a_Turk2010-05-04 21:06:11 +0000 #6
Yes, at the moment, Inter without Ibracadabra is nothing.

Nothing is defined as: They won't as easily win the Serie A, perhaps they won't win it. They won't be hoping to win the CL, even though they did not win this year.

What kinda stupid thread is this?

Of course Ibrahimovic is the best, not for Inter, but in the whole Italy.
Ryan272010-05-04 19:53:03 +0000 #7

Originally Posted by son_of_a_Turk

Yes, at the moment, Inter without Ibracadabra is nothing.

Maybe. Inter would get a lot of cash from an Ibra sale, and you never know how they would turn around and use it. Or if Ibra were to break his leg tomorrow, Moratti would just tap into his personal finances for another top forward (like when he bought Ibra in the first place). It's impossible to evaluate Inter without Zlatan, because the reality is that the club would spend big to replace him. And let's not forget how much Ibra has improved since joining the club. Some of that is Inter's merit.
son_of_a_Turk2010-05-04 22:14:21 +0000 #8
I agree but I guess we were assuming the current Inter team with no Ibrahimovic and what could they do. Yes, when Ibra leaves, he'll bring good amount of money and he should be replaced with another quality striker. In that case, not much changes for Inter but I guess we were just assuming, take out Ibra and how good is Inter w/out a replacement.



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