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Inter's New Kit Numbers

interista5752010-05-04 19:23:09 +0000 #1
I have seen the picture of Inter's new kit launch in Los Angeles and it seems many people have changed their numbers. Santon and Balotelli have not changed their numbers. I could not see the younger players numbers(Belec, Obi and Destro) besides Khrin. I did not see the goalies numbers, Orlandoni obviously changed because he possessed number 22 last year and now Milito has that. I did not see if Quaresma changed his number but he is expected to change it to 7. Also, I do not believe anybody has taken these numbers so far (6,7**,9,14,17,20,21). These are some of the changes I have seen.

Ibrahimovic: 8 -> 10

Suazo: 29 -> 18

Mancini: 33 -> 30

Muntari: 20 -> 11

Motta*: 8

Milito*: 22

Khrin*: 15

* New players
Sebastian2010-05-04 19:37:31 +0000 #2
Yeah,i can't wait to see Zlatan in the next season wearing the new No 10 shirt ...
Musiq2010-05-04 19:31:00 +0000 #3
Heh, if he's still around, that is...

Its kinda weird that the 9 is left alone. No one to inherit Cruz's legacy. Also, Balotelli claimed that he was thinking of picking 9, but then he suddenly 'saw the light' and decided to keep 45. His idea? He wants 45 to be known as the Balotelli number, and leave his legacy through it. Man, kids these days, huh?

Love his arrogance, I really do sometimes...



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