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Inter Team of the Decade 2000-2009

Musiq2010-05-04 17:40:09 +0000 #1 recently started this feature where they list out their best team for each club from this decade. The article is here: . Their Inter lineup for this decade is:

---------------Julio Cesar---------------




I thought it might be fun if we come up with our own lineups, and even subs if you can think of some. Remember, they have to have played for Inter this decade.

My lineup would be:



-----Figo-----Cambiasso-----Di Biagio-----




Julio Cesar






Why Toldo instead of JC? Well, for one, Toldo has been playing for the greater part of the decade, and although we didn't win much while he was the starting keeper, he was absolutely epic in the face of a defence that was always in crisis, and a midfield that didn't protect him as well as Cambiasso and Zanetti that do today. Man, who can ever forget those games vs. Valencia, when we'd score one goal, then hold up siege? Toldo was our saviour time and again, and I really think he completely deserves his contract extension with us, even if it makes him 40 at the end of it.

Di Biagio was the most obvious midfield choice for me, even if most people had forgotten he existed. He was the heart of our Inter team back in the beginning of the decade, along with Zanetti and Vieri. Not the most creative player, granted, but an outstanding ball winner and full of fighting spirit and a complete team player. There was this one occasion under Cuper (the year when we reached the CL semis) when we had a major midfield crisis. So despite having a 101 degree fever, Di Biagio played that match. And he scored two terrific goals!

As for Recoba, why would leave him out is a mystery to me. But I'll leave him for Sebastian to praise...

Sebastian2010-05-04 17:51:51 +0000 #2







Heh,i wrote Ronaldo instead of Bobo without even realizing.
Sebastian2010-05-04 18:00:36 +0000 #3
Based on the performances,i must pick Veron,who is one of the most brilliant mid fielders i have ever seen,creativity,power,defensive knowledge,free kicks excellence and phenomenal technique comes rarely packed in one piece.

Saving Garrincha,Figo is probably the best right wing in the history,but in Inter picking him just so that i can have the name figo in my hypothetical extravaganza wouldn't be unjust,however i choose Veron instead.

Figo had fantastic displays,but he gave it's maximum in Real and although he wanted to repeat some of his spectacular performances,he couldn't...Real squeezed the best out of him...

+ Veron ass kicked Juventus on Delle Alpi and slapped them out of their throne at the very peak of Juve's empire...I will never forget that.

I was in the "betting temple" and there were so many people there for the super cup...When he scored it was....incredible.

Cordoba and Materazzi were perfect and although Samuel is better defensively then Marco,this guy had somethting that is hard to find in a defender.

World Champion baby,WORLD CHAMPION .

The name Maicon would be sufficient and as for Santon,well this kid went against the best player in the world and broke his spine.According to his performances this is someone that can not be denied and he is incredibly charismatic.Versatile full back and what else can a coach want???This season was enough for me to consider him for this one,as when Mourinho trusted him against Manchester then i can do nothing but agree.

Since we didn't had some spectacular left backs over the years(Maxwell is good but this guy is better) Santon convinced me that he is better then anyone else on that position.

Cambiasso earned his place unconditionally and Zanetti on the left is really not a problem as they can switch with Veron anytime,i just placed them like that cos Maicon would be pretty comfortable with someone like Veron and Santon with Javier would be a pretty explosive combination.

+ playing Zanetti on the left back,considering his stratospheric contribution in the mid field would be unfair and a handicap for the team in my opinion...

Vieri is an obvious choice,as for Recoba,i don't mind that he isn't mentioned.Too many things were out of place back then.

We had some of the most closed minded coaches in football at his era and although Lippi always played him,Moratti thought that Tardelli would be a refreshment for Inter...

Having Recoba at his peak with someone like Zlatan would be too good to be true.

+ these three would look fantastic in any other "World of Warcraft" Inter team as far as the forward is concerned...
Sebastian2010-05-04 17:50:09 +0000 #4
I haven't mentioned Cesar,but the guy is probably the best goal keeper in the sport at the moment and although class is permanent and form is momentary,he has them both.

Inter has the best goal keeper at the moment,so that's enough for me.



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