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Gregsy2010-05-04 17:59:11 +0000 #1
i think dalmat has been a great influence in our team he is a great buy for us, he can play practically anywhere on the pitch.

I would like to see inter buy a player maker prehaps does anyone have any ideas?

Our victory was good on sunday it helped restore a bit of my faith in tardelli but i still cant see why pirlo has to go

medieata wod b an excellant buy.
Chino2010-05-04 18:10:47 +0000 #2
Nah I don't think Inter should buy anyone more at the moment. The midfield is very solid now with Dalmat, DiBiaggio and Seedorf. We have alot of options... alot of attackers to use. We just got Ferrante on loan now and don't forget Materazzi coming next year. But I hope Pacheco dosen't become the next Vampeta and never be used. I hope we can see more of Pacheco. Is it the EU thing that he is not playing, or what? He looked OK in that 10 minutes he played against Lazio.

I can see Inter climbing the table now! Just have to keep Vieri fit and scoring, the Chino to make great plays, DiBiaggo and Dalmat to control midfield and defense to stay consistent!

oh btw, Hi... this is my first post here,,, plz nobody yell at me or anything for giving my ideas and opinions :)

Forza Inter!!
Gregsy2010-05-04 18:24:47 +0000 #3
i agree about pachy i hop ehe used , vampeta was wastd he is a quality player, i dont agree about r defense though they are def not solid or consistant, i thikn we need to buy more. DO u rate ferante? or materazzi? i aitn sure of them squd men for sure

good to hear your voews my friend welcoem to the post

forza inter!
Casper2010-05-04 18:52:31 +0000 #4
Dalmat is maybe on of the best signings made by Moratti!

He has shown that he is a quality player and is very useful for us. You re right we don't need to sign anybody but the truth is that we need the playmaker! We have the attackers we don't need anybody anymore!! (I think that Sukur is useless when Ronaldo is back!) There are good backs at the moment (But what if somebody get injured?). The midfield is good but the playmaker would be good.... Di biagiois not the one neither Seedorf.

So the next summers job for Moratti is to find the playmaker. Who would it be? Adriano is the one choice also Mendieta, but will Hector Cuper let him go??

I hope that he will. The money is what counts....
lilphenom2010-05-04 19:46:03 +0000 #5
i agree sukur will be useless when bucked tooth wounder returns and the right now the midfield will be solid and i also agree that dalmat was a great buy becasue he can play consistant the only thing that i wish inter could have done before the closing of the window was to get georgatos back he was truly amazing last year and we badly miss him and he would be the missing piece besides what the playmaker . like you all said we truly need a real playmaker and who that might be well your guess is has good as mine but i would love to have miendieta he is the complete player.
Gregsy2010-05-04 18:58:17 +0000 #6

are u crazy , he was trash , wat a step back that wod b, all he did with the ball was hoof it up the pitch. Footy shod b played on the ground with feet to allow for skill composure, he had done of these qualities, a v poor player.

I agree about medieata he si a good player i wod v much like him at inter. I wod like to c a few defenders come though soem real quality lizurasu???



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