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Me and Mourinho are angry!!

devious2010-05-04 20:05:27 +0000 #1
Jose rages at Italian media Tuesday 3 March, 2009


Jose Mourinho claims the surge of public opinion against Inter after last weekend's draw against Roma is the result of media manipulation.

The Italian champions only mustered a 3-3 draw against the Giallorossi after Mario Balotelli was awarded a highly debatable penalty.

Press sources all over Italy have blasted the penalty decision, while Inter's President and directors have defended the award.

“There has been the greatest amount of intellectual manipulation,” Mourinho maintained.

“There was a concerted, organised effort to manipulate public opinion. It was fantastic work but it is unrelated to my world - I work in football.

“I don't like intellectual prostitution - I like honesty,” Jose continued.

“Over the last few days nobody has mentioned that Roma have great players but will end the season without a title.

“Nobody has mentioned that Milan have 11 fewer points than us and will end the season without a title.

“Nobody has spoken about Juventus, who have won so many points thanks to refereeing mistakes.

“We have only won one game thanks to a mistake and that was the Siena match.

“Claudio Ranieri said he is shoulder to shoulder with Luciano Spalletti? Well, I will side with all the Coaches who have fallen foul against Juventus - Cesare Prandelli, Pasquale Marino, Gigi Del Neri…

“Every time I turn on the TV I see Spalletti, who is everyone's friend, but I don't like prime time television.

“I don't know whether these people pay to be interviewed. I know that they offer me money for interviews and I refuse because I don't manipulate reality.”

Mourinho: "Intellectual manipulation"

Tuesday, 03 March 2009 15:52:00

APPIANO GENTILE - José Mourinho spoke out loud and clear during his pre-match press conference ahead of Wednesday's Tim Cup semi-final match against Sampdoria.

This is what he had to say:

Mourinho, is the match against Sampdoria a chance to return to using your old formation?

"I prefer not to reply. Tomorrow's match is quite simply a chance to get a result that can get Inter into the final. From day one we said that it's a competition that has little respect in Italy, but we have always respected it, we have always played seriously and we have arrived in the semi-final. We now have a difficult match against a team that will certainly want to do the same. It will be important to play the game with responsibility, but I can't say what formation or system we will use. I prefer a Medieval-style press conference because I have understood that I'm too advanced, too good, and that I have to go back."

What do you mean by 'too advanced'?

"Let's go back to 'yes', 'no', to the politically correct. Come on, let's go back to the Middle Ages."

Are you irritated by the declarations of Claudio Ranieri, who said Mourinho will never admit it when a referee makes a mistake in favour of his team?

"You have my permission to ask Claudio Ranieri what he wanted to tell me when he telephoned me this morning."

Ranieri called you?

"Yes. Ask him in the next press conference after tonight's (Tim Cup semi-final first leg) match (between Lazio and Juventus)."

Did you answer the call?

"You're here every week, but if you ask me this it means you don't know me well."

Carlo Ancelotti said he never says what he thinks because football is not used to the truth. Instead, Mourinho always tells the truth. Do you think you can change the world of football?

"I don't like intellectual prostitution, I like intellectual honesty. The rest depends on your jugdement. However, it seems to me that in the last few days there has been great intellectual manipulation, a great job done to change public opinion, and for me this is a fantastic operation for a world that is not mine. It will be my world until I finish working in football, but it's not my world. This manipulation has been such a success that in the last two days they haven't spoken about anything else. They haven't spoken about a Roma team with great players, with a lot of players who I wanted here, and who will finish the season with zero titles. They haven't spoken about a Milan that will finish the season with zero titles and with players who have a winning culture and everything that a team needs to win titles, and they haven't spoken about a Juve that has won a lot of points but many of these thanks to refereeing mistakes. If Ranieri and Spalletti are together, then I'm with Zenga, Del Neri and Prandelli because all three have dropped three points against Juve, and I'm with Marino and Novellino who'll be playing against Juventus next weekend. If I were in Novellino or Marino's shoes it would probably be better not to play, or play with a second-string team, but it would be better not to play, or to play with the Primavera boys. And who knows, maybe it's better for Inter not to play tomorrow or next week, because the day of the scandal is about to arrive because those who talk about Balotelli's penalty and the match against Roma in certain terms... well, this is intellectual manipulation. It's a game that I don't want to play. Perhaps this is the last time I will talk like this in a press conference, there are 91 days left to say 'Goodbye, have a good holiday', and I will go on holiday for a month and a half and I won't talk. There are 91 days to go and I think that, despite my personality, I will be capable of doing Medieval-style press conferences for 91 days. But I ask you this: I don't understand, because they say I'm good at talking. If I talk to the press it's only because I have to do it, because there's a contract. I'm here with you because they tell me I have to do it, I talk to journalists because they tell me I have to do it by contract. Instead, Ranieri and Spalletti. They are prime time. They are always guests on the evening programmes. Every time I go in the changing room after the match and I turn on the TV, I always see Spalletti and Ranieri. Spalletti talks before the match, during the interval, after the match. He talks with one person, then with another, he's friends with everyone. And it's me who's good at talking? I'm good because they tell me I have to talk. If Inter's press office tells me not to talk to the press for two months, for me it would be fantastic. And I would be good, I would not talk to the press and maybe there's someone would pay for me to talk. I refuse who wants to pay me for an interview. Some offer me money to give an interview, but I'm not good. It's my job, they pay me to do this job, I have a contract with Inter and Inter have a contract with the media and as coach of this team, I have to do it. I have refused an interview with Sky so many times. The press office ask me every day to meet journalists from Sky, Corriere della Sera or Gazzetta dello Sport, and I always say no. I don't manipulate public opinion and I have never participated as a guest in an evening programme. I'm not the champion of prime time programmes, certainly not. But they don't talk about Milan being 11 points behind, they don't talk about Roma with the best midfield in Italy that will end the season with zero titles, they don't talk about Juve, about the penalty for handball in the match against Catania, and also in Palermo with Marchisio, about the offside in the last match against Napoli. They don't talk about anyone. Who do you they talk about? About Mario Balotelli, who starts his move outside the area, gets behind two or three players. It was a penalty. If they want to say it was a penalty, they say it, but if they want to say it wasn't a penalty, they should at least say it with some doubt. Okay, they are together, side by side, and I'm side by side Zenga, Prandelli, Del Neri, Novellino and Marino, all of them. The only match in which Inter won three points thanks to refereeing mistakes was the away match in Siena when the coach of Inter went to the press conference and said that his team had won two points thanks to a refereeing mistake. The day after there was another coach, who seems to look at everything Mourinho does, and on that day a team had won three points in Bergamo, helped by a refereeing mistake, and for the first time this coach, who really likes watching Mourinho, decided to say: 'Okay, it was offside, my black and white team shouldn't have won this match'. Thanks. See you tomorrow."


I dont ***ken understand this.. How can anyone take all this pressure from those cheep of italian press? when the ref make a mistake in anygame they defend him and they go on saying that he is a human being and he can do mistakes.. WHEN THE SAME REF make a mistake in the Inter game.. they all fvck him up and fvck Inter!! Im so fvcken furious of those mother***kers!!!!

I sent to the scum bags channel4 a replying to the fvcked up article:




Subject: Dear Channel4 administration

Date: Tue, 3 Mar 2009 14:20:04 +0000

Dear Sirs,

My name is Ramy Rashad, Im one of the most loyal Italian football fans, Im from Egypt, your website was my number 1 if not my only destination for tracking news on the Calcio and Italian football superstars.

I have not write to you before but I thought that I should since I am a big fan of Italian football and a loyal reader of your website.

The issue is since quite some time your writers started to lose thier sense of neutral if not credibility!.. I am refering by that to the massive attack on Internazionale from every aspect!

I am totally aware about the fact: "everyone is the successful`s enemy" but I had no idea that this includes the supposed neutral press!

Let`s see for example.. as examples of facts are the easiest way to make a point:

On Sat, Dec 20 2008 There was a game between Siena - Inter , Maicon had a magnificent performance as he scored 2 goals and rescue Inter from a last game of the year defeat.

The second goal was controversial as everyone know, and like everyone saw Massimo Moratti admitted that it was an Offside goal, even Maicon himself admitted that fact.. but no one speically from your respectful writers praised this attitude for admitting a truth..

On the other hand, when Moratti expressed his own opinion on Mario Balotelli`s penalty against Rome last sunday, saying that he saw it a penalty, (which naturally means that infact it could be a penalty or not) there was a massive irrational attack on him by your writer Antoni Labbate refering to Moratti`s words as it`s a crime! judging Moratti`s personal opinion as he is judging the main reason of the Calcio curroption Moggi!

Mr Labbate refered in his article that Mario was gifted a penalty, I would agree with him if Balloteli didnt dribbled the all defensive Rome side from the left flank and entered the box even dribbling the last Rome defender that had no way to stop Mario but to use his body as an obstacle as Ballotelli`s unique skills that he used in this specific ball totally makes him earn a penalty in this position, in another word, I saw it a penalty too, and my friend who watched the game with me (which is a Milanista hard fan) saw it penalty too from the first sight.. so what say the Ref who should instantly give a decision without seeing replays like we do? .. I hope you get my point here.

The more important issue here is if you trying to seek the truth, so why you dont watch other games in the Calcio? why do you only watch Inter...

And here there are hundreds of example:

- The first Milan derby of this year when the fenomenon Ronaldiho sent a long ball to Kaka from the midfield and then Kaka used this ball from the right flank to send it to the box to be the only and first goal for Ronni in Inter..

Didnt everyone saw that the long pass from Ronni to Kaka was a 100% offside? .. but you hardly mentionned that out!

- The Inter-Torin game.. the hand ball that the Torin defender made and everyone saw.. and you hardly mentionned it.

- The game between Juve - Fiorentina ,in the first half after Juve scored a goal.. the plain legal penalty that the referee didnt give to Fiorentina when the Fiorentina youngster Stevan Jovetic dribbled Juve`s defender who`s tackled his leg and leaving him on down in the box.. and before the half time Gilardino scored a 100% legal goal that the ref considered as an offside and the reply cam showed that it`s not.

There are more and more games even between the midtable teams too that the refs always make mistakes, but you rarely if not never mention them.. but I wont go one counting them all cause they are too much.

My last word is if you were planning to take a side against another in the Calcio.. you should not have been on the curropted teams with the black history of bribing refs to win games and eventually the league.. you are standing with teams who might someday like before bring back thier old methods and eventually get caught and punished to Serie B.

Inter have never been and will not ever be like those other teams or organizations.. so when you are trying to make hints like that on a great clean respectful Inter.. it irritate us the Interisti and puts you in a position to be laughed at.

So I hope you start working on fixing your Justice and neutral system and return to your old days as a great Italian organization.

Yours faithfully,


--------- and they sent back this:

Dear Sir,

thank you for your email. There is no anti-Inter agenda in place here. Our blogs are opinion pieces and are by-lined as a consequence. Our writers have their opinion and you have yours. We would like to point you in the direction of some positive Inter blogs, including one from Antonio Labbate who who only last week hailed Inter goalkeeper Julio Cesar as the best in Italy right now.

Labbate also defended Inter today: "They’re the strongest team in Italy, more consistent than Juventus and more clinical than Milan, but there is a belief that they are being aided – unintentionally in my view – by the officials."

Kindest regards


WTF!! arent they aware that 90% of thier articles and blogs are fvking up Inter?? what kind of reply is that??

Im really so fvcken furious.. I`m gald of what Mourinho have said.. and Im with him by 1000%.. those scum bags should shut there mouths up!!

Ryan272010-05-04 20:15:07 +0000 #2
I'm surprised they actually responded, devious. But you wrote a great letter. The biased coverage against Inter has gotten out of hand.

I'll be curious to see if Mourinho sticks by his new 'Medieval' style . Supposedly he might get fined or suspended for these comments. And that would be ridiculous considering all the heat Inter have been facing. Mourinho and Inter should be able to defend themselves.
devious2010-05-04 20:24:54 +0000 #3
I really had no idea that they`d actully reply too.. lol.

Ive even blasted the Aljazeera sports channel which are the only Arabian channnels that shows the Italian League.. they are punsh of primitve minded unprofessional reporters of milanista and juventini who are always attacking Inter.

I spent they day afternoon sending typing those messages putting out my anger!!

However.. Im waiting for Moratti`s announcment.. I hope he wont be apologizing or that shit.. I hope he will have his share of blasting those mother ***ks!
Musiq2010-05-04 20:39:57 +0000 #4
You wrote a great letter, devious. I agree 100%. Of course, there are many more such examples on how the media has been skirting over refereeing issues that favour Juventus and the media owners AC Milan, but of course, when there's something that involves Inter, blow it up as much as possible... Do whatever's possible to attack us.

Oh, they'll get what's coming to them. Because I believe in this beautiful concept called karma. The time will come when all is exposed, Calciopoli was just the beginning.
Musiq2010-05-04 21:38:12 +0000 #5
More updates:

Juventus wanted Inter to 'denounce' Mourinho's statements, and released an official statement about it. They put in all kinds of innocent words like 'astonishment', etc... We all know how dirty they play, the evil gits. The statement as posted by channel4, is here: http://www.channel4....ll_italia/mar3q.html

But Inter released a statement soon after, saying they exactly where all of us stand, firmly behind Mourinho. The Inter statement says that the club believes Mourinho is being honest, and that the club appreciates his statement and his defence of Inter. So do all of us.

Its amazing how badly Serie A can treat the outsiders. Its disgusting, really. I mean, I enjoy Italian football more than any other, simply because its a game of the mind as much as the body. But when all this crap comes attached to it, it really makes me wonder why I became a Serie A fan in the first place. I should have just stuck to watching the simple man-chase-ball games in the Premiership...
Ryan272010-05-04 22:18:57 +0000 #6
In Italian, obviously, but it's easy to know what he says by comparing it to the transcript that devious posted:

Video From YouTube:(link)

The guy is brilliant .
snoopy2010-05-04 21:30:31 +0000 #7
There are two reasons behind this latest controversy in my view.

One - Mourinho is not Italian and I'm sorry but the Italian media footballing wise at least seem pretty nationalistic to me. Jose is a "foreigner" and is treated accordingly - with mildly hidden contempt that he's not "one of us".

Two - Inter are in the lead and therefore the opposition feel the need to try and stir up some kind of agenda, Mourinho blasts through that by pointing out all the various decisions that have been made which have favoured his rivals as well.

His rival coaches have been curiously silent about those incidents whilst crying over incidents like the penalty decision last weekend.

There's no flies on Jose that's for sure!
Sebastian2010-05-04 20:46:50 +0000 #8
This is the first time i see this as i mentioned some of the above written facts in the Scudetto thread,but it's all for the same cause...

Devious,Moratti can not apologize for this.That would mean that he distances him self from Mouirnho position and you know what that means.

We need to do something to preserve this thread and not to allow to be forgotten.



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