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New stadium for Inter?

Ryan272010-05-04 18:21:26 +0000 #1


Inter to leave San Siro as Moratti orders new stadium

The project is expected to get the go ahead by the end of the year and will draw inspiration from the Allianz Arena, home of Bayern Munich. The new multi-functional, 60,000 seater venue should be ready by 2012

MILAN, 15 October 2008 - Massimo Moratti is no doubt going to be the brains behind Inter's big move. Approval of his plans for the club's very own stadium is just around the corner. After careful examination and meticulous planning, the financial backing should confirmed by the end of the year, even by early December. Then, all going well, the Nerazzurri will be pensioning off San Siro from the 2012-2013 season.

MODELS - The exact location of the new stadium is a secret Moratti is very carefully guarding, even though fingers are already pointing at the Rho-Pero area, very close to the motorway and with good underground connections (red line). This is where the Olympic stadium would have been erected if Milan had won its bid for the 2000 Olympics. Moratti doesn't want to build a white elephant and the fact that Milan has been named as the Expo 2015 location will help him considerably in this regard, whatever the site finally picked. The plan at Inter headquarters is to build a 60,000 seater stadium along the lines of Ajax's ground (Amsterdam Arena, UEFA 5-star with seating for more than 50,000) and Bayern Munich's (Allianz Arena, 5-star plus with seating for almost 70,000 spectators). More specifically, the model Massimo Moratti's men seem to be more taken with is the Bavarian team's home ground: a multi-functional complex with restaurants (from upmarket establishments to self service eateries and traditional pubs), a shopping gallery and even a day-care centre to "park" children not that interested in the match. There are three main areas (entry depending on the ticket purchased): private business stands, VIP area and stands for the crowds.

Exciting news, though obviously a break from tradition if it becomes reality. I'd be very curious to know how this would be financed. Hopefully not with Inter taking on massive debt.

valdanito2010-05-04 18:30:19 +0000 #2
Well if Lazio manged to find sponsors to may for most of our new stadium then i am sure inter will have no troubles.
Sebastian2010-05-04 18:44:29 +0000 #3
This are certainly most pleasant news...San Siro is a fantastic stadium,but it is owned by the City and these two play rent...

Inter needs it's own Lair ...
nismo2010-05-04 18:35:31 +0000 #4
The pitch has always been an issue with San Siro with poor sunglight for the grass due to the highrise renovations.

I think we can get Pirelli to pay for some of the costs. Maybe call it the Pirelli Stadium

I agree with Ryan and hope we don't do an "Arsenal" and borrow big to build the stadium.



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