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What Do I Have To Do To Earn Respect? - Mourinho

Gunner2010-05-04 20:09:07 +0000 #1
Inter coach Jose Mourinho talked about the alleged lack of respect shown towards him by the Italian media, and also talked about the economic crisis.

Although he has been in Italy for just a few months, it seems as if Inter coach Jose Mourinho has been a part of the Italian football scene for years. In fact, the polemics and controversy caused by some of the coach's words are more than many of his colleagues can boast in an entire career.

Today Mourinho gave another interview in which he drew up a balance of his Italian adventure so far, claiming he is baffled by the lack of respect shown for his past achievements, and also talked about the possible impact of the economic crisis on the football world.

"Being arrogant or likeable doesn't matter to me," he said. "I don't know your culture that well yet. For example, in England, someone who has won something very important, who has entered history, is considered a winner for life. Here, it seems you have to do something extraordinary to earn respect. Who knows, maybe there is some tournament on the moon that I still have to win to have more consideration."

On economic problems engulfing the world right now, which considering his paycheck he probably won't suffer much from, Mourinho said: "I am not an expert, but I understand enough to know that this is a serious matter. I don't know if there are reasons to be afraid. But I would accept getting less money, if it were for the good of everyone else."

Jose Mourinho's Inter are top of the Serie A table along with Lazio and Udinese, with 13 points from 6 games.

Gunner2010-05-04 20:21:15 +0000 #2
The problem with Italians is it seems they focus too much on off the field matters. Everyone is talking about respect. The fact is you should respect everybody, and all the Italians have done since Mourinho has arrived is moan and talk about respect.

In england we learned to just take Mourinho with a pinch of salt, we diddnt let Jose get to us. Its making the Italians look arogant and full of themselves, and then they wonder why their league isnt as popular as it used to be.



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